Monday, 17 February 2014

Bobble Hat and All!

Finally got my octopus finished Saturday before last.

Once I'd got his hat sewn up it didn't take me too long to make the bobble.

I used to make loads of these when I was younger. I remember spending weeks on a large blue one which I insisted was a present for my baby brother but which was really for me.

This one has a cool mottled effect from the variegated wool that I used.

I think he looks great now he's finished (I've changed him to my profile picture on Facebook which I only do for the projects I'm really proud of).

As I mentioned yesterday, the dragon I had moved onto is taking a timeout and I've been knitting myself a hat instead. I'm feeling in the mood for some instant gratification projects at the moment so we'll see what ends up on the needles next!

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