Thursday, 20 February 2014

Day Zero Project: Finish the video of our trip to North Yorkshire

Way back in 2009 my husband and I went to North Yorkshire for a holiday. It was my first proper holiday without my family and we planned it religiously.

And we had a fantastic time!

It was such a beautiful place to visit and we had a wonderful time exploring and finding new places. Mr Click had gone there with his family as a youngster so he was able to show me some of the places he had been, just as we had done when we took him to Cornwall. But it was a long time since he had been there last so there was a lot that we discovered for ourselves for the first time.

I took my camera with me (this was pre-funky DSLR) and also my video camera and filmed a few bits and pieces while we were there.

And since then most of the photos have resided on DVDs, CDs and my external hard drive (I like to have back-ups of my back-ups). But I did start work on a video of the trip. I was trying to make it light-hearted, kind of pop-up video style, but there's nothing quite so boring as hours and hours of clips of people's holidays.

I've dabbled with it, but I keep taking long breaks and so have to go back and relearn how to use my software. Then I moved house and lost my access to a scanner which I had been using to scan things in. And then all the holiday stuff was packaged away in inaccessible places which made it even more difficult to work on.

But now, for the first time in almost five years, all the stars have aligned. I have access to the software I need, I have the photos and video footage easily accessible, I have a scanner for scanning stuff in, and I know where all that stuff to be scanned is!

So I have no excuses.

Apart from the fact that I have got to get my OU course finished and it's tricky to work on the video when Mr Click is around because I want the finished product to be a surprise to him.

But this summer I am going to get it done. I will! And maybe I will share the results on here... maybe not... we'll see how badly it turns out!

Oh, and just for a laugh, because I haven't got any photos that that trip on my laptop at the moment, here's the photo we had taken of ourselves in Whitby. It's actually hanging up in our living room and I love it a ridiculous amount.

Personally, I think I'm rocking that hat!


  1. I love North Yorks, go pretty much every year or every other year. And yes, totally rocking the hat! I love that photographers in Whitby, I recall Vic Reeves picture in the front window with his son

    1. I can't wait until we're able to go back there again, all being well maybe next year.

      And yes, that's the photographers. We want to get American Civil War photos done next time.


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