Sunday, 23 February 2014

Weekly Rundown

This week has been one of those long slow weeks. Wednesday alone felt like it should've been about three days by itself. That, coupled with being out three nights in a row have conspired to make me feel thoroughly tired out. And now the weekend is whizzing by far too quickly for my liking!

Considering how but I've been I managed to get loads of OU done. I started work on the next block two days after submitting my assignment (I thought I'd earned one night off). Got most of that finished by Saturday and did the last bit of that week's work on Monday.

Last Friday I started the chapter that was due to begin on Saturday and finished it yesterday. So I'm now one full week ahead of myself.

Part of the reason for getting along so quickly is that the current area of study is picturebooks so the set texts aren't particularly heavy going. I'm using this as an opportunity to get myself well ahead, mainly so I can take a week off studying around my birthday!

I'm also getting ready to buy the final five set texts that I'll need for the final block and a half of this course. If I'm a little ahead of myself it'll give me extra time to read them all (especially as for one of the units of study you're supposed to pick one of two books and I like to do both so I can make an informed choice when it comes to the TMA).

This week I've been taking a break from actually reading books for my course. It's been nice. As I let myself get behind on my reading I ended up needing to read three children's books in the space of about two weeks and after that I went onto my Kindle and downloaded every free smutty romance, violent crime novel and scary horror book that I could find to try and get it out of my system.

Obviously, after adding over a hundred books to my virtual bookshelf I had to actually pick what I wanted to read. I did this in much the same way as I pick which pattern to knit next; by using a random number generator. This meant that I spent last week reading a book called Smallworld by Dominic Green. It's really a collection of short stories about a family who lives on a teeny tiny planet and who have a large number of weird and wonderful visitors to their little land. It was quite funny, reminding me of Terry Pratchett or Robert Asprin at times, although the characters' names took a little getting used to (they're all a bit reminiscent of the old Pilgrim names, 'Beguiled-of-the-Serpent' is one of my favourites).

Now I'm reading The Saltmarsh Murders by Gladys Mitchell, one of a set of books belonging to Mr Click. I read the first one last year and found it a bit slow going but this one is going much quicker for me. I'm about halfway through it now and I'm enjoying it more than I was expecting to.

As for TV viewing, as we've been out of the house a fair bit this week we've not watching very much of The Good Life. In a way this is kind of a good thing because it means that we're not getting through the series as quickly as we might otherwise. We're halfway through the third series and there's only one more after this. If we have a quiet week we'll probably finish it quite quickly.

And we're nearly finished with ER now as well. As of this morning we've started the fifteenth (and final) series. The last couple of series I've only seen each episode once so I'm enjoying it a lot more because the stories are almost new to me; although there have been occasions where I've been thinking things like 'she got the heart of someone he loved' and I've been right.

I remember the first (and only) time I saw this final series and thinking that it was just perfect. ER went through a shaky patch at the beginning of the last third of the show but gradually worked its way back. As much as I've enjoyed watching the whole thing in one go, I've been really looking forward to watching this last series and I'm hoping it's as great as I remember it being.

Above is my knitting project for the last week. I actually started it on the fifteenth and I'm hoping to finish it in the next couple of days. I've already got my next couple of projects lined up as well.

More about that in tomorrow's knitting post.

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