Saturday, 1 February 2014

Clean Bill of Health

Last year I had to go to get my eyes looked at because at a routine eye appointment my optician found something a bit strange.

That's a freckle on the back of my eyeball.

I had to go get it checked out which involved horrible eye drops and a funky camera to photograph the thing so they can check if it's getting bigger.

Well on Wednesday I had to go for a check up. I'll admit, I put it off. I was in no hurry to get my pupils dilated and a flashy camera stuck in them, but I was a big brave girl and was promised a ball of yarn if I behaved, so I went.

And it was all fine. Absolutely no change. Just a reminder to keep going for regular optician appointments and the offer to go to Glasgow Caledonian University to get it photographed by a super-duper-inside-your-eyeball camera.

And I got a lovely ball of line green yarn with multicoloured strands plied through it. Definitely worth the stingy drops and flashy camera!

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