Friday, 31 January 2014

Random Post

Last Saturday I got a really pleasant surprise when the postman arrived. Three letters and they were all for me!

One was a letter about a medical appointment that's not relevant to this post but the other two were very exciting indeed.

The largest was a Jiffy bag envelope bearing the name of a publishing company. This confused me a bit because the only books I'd ordered to be delivered to our house were course books and they'd all been received. It was quite a large envelope and so Mr Click assumed it was a knitting book, but I disagreed because I'd had all of those too.

Of course the easiest way to solve the mystery was to open it, which revealed Cuddly Knitted Toys and a receipt with the words 'Prize' and £0.00 on it.

And all became clear.

I subscribed to Simply Knitting magazine a while back and entered every competition in the magazine. And apparently I'd won one of them! I'm really looking forward to trying something from this book, either a mouse, a dog or a dragon, I think.

The other letter had come all the way from Arizona and was from a member of the Ravelry Random Acts of Kindness group. It included some aptly named 'Stash' brand tea.

I love this card and the note inside was lovely too. I spent a good part of the afternoon writing our postcards for other RAKs, because whenever I get one I can't help but pass on the good feeling.

I love it when the post brings nice goodies, even if they include reminders about making medical appointments!

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