Sunday, 5 January 2014

Project 52: All Over

And I'm wrapping up my Project 52 for 2013. I didn't actually get around to posting all of the photos that I took over the course of the year, but I've got them all on my computer and can pull them out for future blog posts, whenever I need something relevant.

Yesterday we spent the day taking down all of our Christmas decorations. It took us quite a while because we've got a lot more this year than we've had in previous years, plus I'd decorated up the staircase, and we had lights outside, not to mention all the birthday, anniversary and Christmas cards all over the walls.

As you can see above, the living room is quite pleased to be going back to normalcy again. Those are the strings that I'd hung all the cards up on this year (not pictured, another four strings like this above my chair and behind the living room door!) but they look like a smiley face, so I snapped a quick photo before I took them down.

Now the living room looks all empty and bare, except for all the little bits of glitter and tinsel which we keep finding all over the house (we'll be vacuuming that up until next Christmas, I think). We rearranged things a little bit to make room for the tree, but we're planning on not moving the TV back to where it was before because we've realised that gives us extra room for another bookcase. As our TV and film collection continues to grow and grow, another bookcase would be very handy.

As for my photos for the coming year, I've decided to do Wordless Wednesday posts instead of a Sunday photo post. I've always posted my photos on a Sunday because that's the day that I have internet access, so logically it was the best day for getting everything uploaded and posted. It'll probably take me a few weeks to adjust to making sure that I've got things posted on the right day, so please forgive any hiccups.

I'm also planning on posting a mix of new and old photos, depending on how I'm feeling that week. I think that'll help to take the pressure off myself to find something to photograph each week, regardless of whether or not that's what I feel like doing and help to keep it fun. I'm hoping that as the weather improves during the year I might be able to get some really nice and interesting photos taken.

And what about my Sunday posts? I'm not entirely sure what these'll become, but it'll be fun figuring that out.

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