Thursday, 23 January 2014

Day Zero Project: Volunteer for something

When I set myself this challenge I put this down as 'Volunteer for something at work' but since then I've kind of expanded it to just generally volunteer for stuff.

That's mainly because I've gotten quite good at putting my name forward for things. I volunteer for stuff all the time. The first one was to be on part of an events committee but since then I've kind of volunteered to photograph and video our local community bad as well. So I'd say the volunteering thing is going pretty well.

In a way the volunteering thing is a bit like my Random Acts of Kindness thing. It's good because you're doing something that's not necessarily for yourself, but which can make others feel good and so you feel better by association. I have to admit that I quite like that little buzz that I get from doing something nice, so it's kind of selfish in a way.

But it's a good kind of selfish.

So even though this is one which has been ticked off on my list since April 2012, it's one I'm going to keep on doing over and over, purely because it's a nice thing to keep doing!

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