Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Poor Abandoned Puppy

My pup has a way of making you feel like whenever you leave her you're actually abandoning her, she's alone and has no idea when you're coming back. The very fact that you're turning and walking away is a sign that you clearly no longer love her.

On Saturday when we walked to the Greenhouse and I left Mr Click at the gate while I toddled off to take photos, Tara was convinced that this was just one of those moments of abandonment. Never mind the fact that I'd left her with Daddy (yes, we're those crazy people who are 'mummy' and 'daddy' to their pets); Mummy was leaving and this was clearly cause for concern.

Look at that face! Apparently she whined the whole time I was away. In a way it's nice to hear that she worries about me leaving her because she's such a Daddy's Girl, normally I have to listen to her crying about the fact that Mr Click has left her in the bedroom with me rather than taking her with him.

She was so pleased to see me when I came back that I was jumped all over (and covered in muddy footprints). Once home she collapsed on the floor and spent most of the day asleep, satisfied that both of her 'parents' loved her and weren't about to abandon her any time soon.


  1. Yup, same trouble here! Bless 'em eh? So cute

    1. They definitely figure out how to get to you. Tara knows exactly how to whine so that left in a room by herself you can't help but be convinced that she's actually mortally wounded, rather than just sat by the door crying until you let her out!

  2. What a cute pup.

    My dog can't wait for me to go. "Really Mom? You're not ready for work yet??" (I'm one of those people too) I know he's actually excited for the treat he gets for doing the "herd" thing, as I call it. His job is to take care of the two cats during the day and if he could bark at intruders, that would be nice too.

    However, if I leave him for an overnight trip he sulks and won't talk to me for hours. "Oh, you're home? Whatever. I'm going outside."

    1. Aw, that's sweet. :-)

      Tara's a real people-dog. She is convinced that everyone wants to be her best friend and is deeply hurt if someone doesn't share her 110% enthusiasm at meeting each other. It's funny when we're walking along the street and she spots someone coming towards us, she gets all waggy and excited, then if they don't say hello or make a fuss of her then the head and tail go down and she looks crushed.

      What would we do for entertainment without them?


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