Sunday, 7 July 2013

Project 52: Week 27 - Lakes

Living in Scotland we don't really have any nearby lakes, so I had to make do with a photo of a loch for this week! ;-)

Initially I thought to take my camera with us on a walk round Calvary Pond, one of our new favourite walks on the estate. Although the pond is called Calvary Pond, it's really a very large pond. It takes a good few minutes to walk around and there's so much greenery there that when you're on one side of it you can't see the other side properly.

We've not taken Tara round the pond there until fairly recently because we weren't sure if it was somewhere that dogs were allowed. Since we received a copy of the map of the estate with all the routes that dogs are allowed on we've taken her there a couple of times. It's now become one of her favourite walks too; last Tuesday when I walked her first thing in the morning before leaving for our appointment at the Nuffield I had her on the extendable lead so she was walking well ahead of me, when we got to the Calvary Pond turning, she decided that was where we were going even though I'd planned to just walk towards the back gate!

But the route up there can be quite muddy, especially when the weather has been as wet as it's been at times this week. I didn't want to slip on any mud whilst carrying my camera (for obvious reasons) so I ended up avoiding it.

This morning the sun was shining and it was lovely and warm outside, so I suggested that instead of walking Tara through the estate and meeting Mr Click on the road where he picks me up before we go to his parents, perhaps we should go to the beach. So we headed off past the loch where our water used to come from (where we lived before). Mr Click pulled up as soon as the water came into view, I stood up and leaned on the door, snapped a few photos and then we headed to Ettrick Bay to tire out the dog.

Week 27: Lakes
Obvioulsy the focus in the photo above is on the tops of the hedge. At the time I took this one I just ignored it and carried on clicking away, but looking at it on the computer it became my favourite one of the lot!

I like that the water is just a soft feature in the background with the plants in the foreground. It's not the photo I would've chosen to take, but by happy accident it's turned out better than anything I might have planned!

Next week's photo theme is racing which I'll try and think of something good for. The BBC News website isn't posting any prompts for the month of August so I'm trying to decide whether I'll just go for random photos or if I'll try and come up with some prompts of my own.

If you're wanting to suggest any prompts for my weekly photo themes then go ahead and leave a comment. ;-)

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