Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Independent Bookseller's Week

This week has been Independent Bookseller's Week and so to celebrate we took a trip to our little local bookshop. It's a magic little shop called Print Point.

I first fell in love with the place back when we first moved here, it's moved home since then but it used to be in a little shop with an upstairs and downstairs bit. I went there for a midnight opening to get the sixth Harry Potter book, and for the final book they hired out the Castle for a midnight party and had competitions, games and all sorts. It was great fun.

As tempting as it is to buy all your books dead cheap from Amazon or similar sites, there's something really special about going in to a proper bookshop and picking up a book, looking at it and then actually taking it to the counter and paying for it (rather than putting it back on the shelf and asking Google where you can get it cheaper).

The picture above is their door at the moment. I love how walking into the shop is like walking into a big book!

On Saturday when we went in they were having a Where's Wally competition around town. Various independent shops around the town had a Wally hidden somewhere in them; we spotted one in the card shop. You could pick up a competition form and then go on a hunt around town to win prizes.

Penguin books were on buy one get one free as well. I should've made a note of the books I'm going to need for my next course (if I can ever get registered for it) to pick them up in there, but I didn't think about it until I was already there. I've got plenty of time and I already own several.

I did buy my lovely new bag and also ordered a copy of Tolkien's Roverandom. It's a special edition produced especially for Independent Bookseller's Week. I didn't have it already and I've never read it, so any excuse. We ordered it on Saturday and it was ready to be picked up on Monday; so people who argue that Amazon is faster obviously aren't very acquainted with their local bookshops.

So this week, why not stop into your local bookshop and say hello. Maybe pick up a book or two?

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