Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Blog Readers?

Normally today I'd post a Blog Spotlight post but I've not had a chance to ask any of my friends if they'd mind me featuring them (and I don't like to do it without people's permission). This is partly because I've been struggling to actually read my friends' blogs recently.

You see, I used to use Feeddler to follow blogs on my phone. It worked well for me, I'd take my phone outside with me while I took Tara out for her morning ablutions (because I don't get a steady enough signal on my phone to update it in the bedroom), then when I came back in it'd let me read the blog posts regardless of whether or not I had a signal.

Any blog posts that I wanted to comment on, I could just load up in a Safari window and if I didn't have a signal at the time I could tackle them when I did. But it loads from Google Reader and now it won't work since Google Reader has been abandoned.

So I did a bit of googling and I found that lots of people were recommending Bloglovin. So I figured I'd go with the masses over to that.

Follow on Bloglovin
It was a bit tricky from the beginning. After a lot of struggling I managed to get it to accept my downloaded list of blogs from Google and I found the app for my iPhone. The website feed itself it nice and neat and easy to follow, but the app is useless.
It displays a set number of posts and then to see more you have to go to the bottom of the page and wait for it to load more. It doesn't mark them as read when I've read them if I've not got an internet connection (which means that once I've loaded them up I have to go through the ones I've already read and mark them off otherwise they'll keep showing up). And I can't seem to find an arrow button to move me on to the next most recent post like I had on Feeddler. That means that I have to come out of the post I've just read and then select the next one, and if the posts I was reading come after the set number that are displayed first then I have to wait for all of those to load again, which obviously doesn't happen once I've come back inside.
It's been driving me crazy and has basically led to me sitting and reading pages on Ravelry instead on a morning (I load up a page before I come in and then scroll through all the pretty pictures while I wait for Mr Click to get our breakfast).
Can anyone suggest what I'm doing wrong here (aside from living in a house with two-foot thick stone walls which prevent me from getting a decent permanent mobile internet connection) or better yet, suggest an app I can use for reading blogs on my iPhone which isn't Bloglovin?

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