Thursday, 11 July 2013

Day Zero Project: Sort and organise all jewellery

I have a lot of jewellery. An awful lot of jewellery. When we were first going out it was one of those little gifts that Mr Click kept on bringing me and as a result my collection grew and grew and grew. Now we've kind of slowed down a little and I don't wear quite as much as I once did - mainly because at work I now have to wear a lanyard with an ID on it, and if I wear a necklace as well it pretty much doubles my likelihood of strangling myself!

I often throw on a necklace or bracelet if I'm dressing up though, or if we're going somewhere. There are some outfits that just don't look complete unless they've got a little accessory with them. And I'm always promising myself that I'll get a clip for my work ID and then I can get away with wearing a necklace every day again.

I always used to keep my necklaces hanging over my bedside lamp. It's a touch lamp so some of the chains for the necklaces conducted whatever was being conducted to make it operate by touch so you could just grab one of those instead of tapping the metal of the lamp. I always thought that was kind of cool. Unfortunately I had so many necklaces on it that they kind of knotted themselves together making it really difficult when you wanted to get to just one.

When we moved I just left everything as it was, stuck the lamp in a box and that's where it's been ever since. This means that this project is very closely linked with last week's bit of the Day Zero Project. As I've wanted to wear one necklace or another I've dug it out, worn it and then tidied it away into a 'necklace organiser' that I picked up in Primark.

It's basically a coathanger with a double-sided set of pockets hanging from it. It's quite handy because they're all different sizes to accommodate all different sorts of necklaces (I quite like chunky pendants and things so this is a real necessity). But I've not managed to migrate all of my jewellery downstairs from the spare bedroom yet.

It's kind of a gradual process but I am getting there.

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