Monday, 29 July 2013

A230 Reading & Studying Literature Results!

Yesterday morning I was woken by a wet Labrador nose in my ear telling me that it was absolutely vital that we paid a visit to the garden immediately otherwise there was a strong chance there would soon be a puddle on the bedroom floor. As I don't get a phone signal in the bedroom I take my phone out with me to check emails and various websites as I wait for Tara to do her thing.

I'd been expecting my results to go up this week but I never expected to hear about them on a Sunday. It caught me completely by surprise. So I stood in the rain in the garden waiting for the page to load so that I could see exactly what I'd got.

Yup, Grade 2 Pass. So that's my penultimate course under my belt. I've just got one more to go and then I'll be able to graduate and I'll have both a BA and a BA (Hons.). If anything I'm prouder of my (almost) second degree as I've done it whilst working full time as well.

It won't be long now until I'm starting EA300 Children's Literature, my sixth and final course. I'm quite looking forward to getting started on that now; my registration stuff has been received so now I'm eagerly awaiting my materials despatch so I can start getting stuck in!

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