Thursday, 4 July 2013

Day Zero Project: Clear out the spare bedroom

Our house is a lovely little two bedroom cottage with the bathroom and second bedroom upstairs. As it's just me and Mr Click we've not really had much use for the spare bedroom and as such it's kind of been used as a multipurpose dumping area.

When we first moved in it was the logical place to put all those boxes of books and bags of clothes that we didn't want to have cluttering up the living room and bedroom. Gradually we sorted through those and restocked the kitchen, organised the bedroom, got a bookcase and things started to come under control.

Then we got a bunch more boxes of stuff and filled the room back up again. I cleared a bit of space, reorganised the boxes of books, sorted the wrapping paper and stationery and secondhand jiffy bags into some semblance of order, and all was good for a while. Then we got some more boxes of stuff. And now it's kind of back where we were at the beginning.

On the one hand, it's not too bad because we're not likely to get any more boxes of stuff to fill it up with. We had plenty of things being stored at Mr Click's parents' house which were the last things to be stored away in the spare bedroom and he's been wonderful about sorting them all out so most of what's left up there is my stuff which I'd not been able to sort because his boxes were in the way of mine. Now his are out the way I have no excuse for not doing them, except that I've had OU and work and knitting and a million and one other things that are more interesting than sorting through old boxes of knick knacks and twenty-year-old craft projects.

We did clear things enough to get a desk into the room. And I reorganised my knitting stuff a while back so it doesn't take up quite as much room as it did. But there's still a lot that needs to be done there.

I guess I'm a bit hesitant to do too much in there while we're waiting to get underway with IVF stuff because if it doesn't work and we've got a spare room that we've designated as a nursery it'll feel a bit harder than having a spare room which we keep junk in. But it is starting to get a bit tricky to find things in there, and especially now I'm not doing OU stuff at the moment I should really try and list some of the stuff I'm never going to use or need on eBay, just to get it out of the house and give us a bit more space back.

Perhaps it would be easier just to open the doors and invite people to come to my house for a little auction instead.

Have you got a room which ends up as a bit of a junk storage area? How do you keep it under control?

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