Sunday, 21 July 2013

Project 52: Week 29 - Urban Life

This week's photo theme was a little easier to work with for me. Plus we're in the middle of some scorching weather right now, all the better for getting outside with a camera. Though the theme of Urban Life was a little bit tricky considering that where we live we couldn't be more in the countryside.

In fact, considering I live on an island with approximately 7000 people on it, there's not really anywhere that's totally urban, hehe. I decided to go with a photo taken in town. Of a traffic light.

I should probably mention here that Rothesay didn't actually get traffic lights until fairly recently (ignoring the temporary ones which were sometimes put up for roadworks and things). This is the sort of place where a traffic jam is where you get stuck behind a bunch of cows being taken out of their field and across the road for milking! When I moved here we didn't have traffic lights and we didn't have roundabouts.

In the last thirteen years we've soared into the twenty-first century. Not only do we have our very own set of perfectly temperamental traffic lights, we have not one, but two roundabouts. It was a toss up whether to photograph one of those or the lights, the lights won because they're easier to take a picture of than a circle painted on the road. Plus I was kind of hoping that people would think that I was photographing an interesting bird or something while I snapped the traffic lights, taking a photo of a roundabout would be a little bit harder to disguise as something else!

Week 29: Urban Life
I actually managed to get the traffic light while it was green, amber and red which gave me quite a bit to work with. I did consider using the green version and saying that urban life is all go, except here that isn't really the case. Quite often things are more of a slow crawl. Plus the stop light was the closest one I took so I went with that. There's no real reason behind my choice beyond that, I couldn't think of anything profound to relate it to.

At the moment I don't have a theme for next week's photos. The BBC website where I get my prompts from is taking a break for the month of August and are coming back again at the beginning of September with Holidays and Frames. I was toying with the idea of finding another list of prompts to work with but I might just go wild without a prompt each week and see what I can come up with.

This probably means that for the next four weeks there will be lots of photos of knitting. For this, I appologise in advance.

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