Sunday, 14 July 2013

Project 52: Week 28 - Racing

I realise that I'm completely twisting the theme of racing here, but I've not really had many photo opportunities this week, and certainly none which would match with this week's theme.

I did think that I might be able to take a photo of Tara racing around the living room or garden, particularly as we spent a good hour yesterday morning pulling up weeds. Tara came out to help us but I didn't get a chance to snap her doing any running because she was a little bit too keen to help pull up weeds (including the nice healthy leaves on Arthur II, a potted palm who lives in our back garden), so she ended up finding herself attached to a fence post to keep her out of mischief. Good for her, less good for my weekly photo challenge.

I considered trying to take a photo of something like a finishing line or a checkered flag, but didn't have access to any of those. So instead I took a photo of my current knitting project, which I'm racing to finish. See what I did there?

Week 28: Racing
Uh, yeah, this isn't just an excuse to show off my apparently zombified chickens (if you could see their backs it just enhances this effect because I'd not sewn up the backs of their heads so their brain-like stuffing was spilling out their skulls). I have actually been rushing to get these two little chuck-chucks finished, partly because I've been a bit bored by knitting the same pattern twice at the same time, but also because the sooner I finish these girls, their chicks and their eggs, the sooner I can go on and knit my elephant!

Other than this, yes, it's a bit of a theme!fail for me. Mr Click suggested that I say they were racing chickens (as racing pigeons are in short supply here). Maybe I should've knit up some quick numbers to pin on their sides or a little finishing line sign for them.

Next week is urban life which I suppose gives me a little bit more of a scope for my photos. I must try harder and not leave it to the last minute like I have the last couple of weeks. Of course, urban life might be a tricky thing to find considering I live in the middle of the countryside!

Watch this space and keep your fingers crossed!


  1. I love these chickens! They're so cute! <3

    1. Thank you. :-)

      I just finished them off this week so had great fun out in the garden posing them and taking photos.


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