Sunday, 16 February 2014

Weekly Rundown

This week has been my first week in a while when I've had a full five days at work. What with a half day for an appointment a few weeks ago, my eye appointment and my day off last week I've gotten a little bit used to four day weeks! Now I'm exhausted!

I also had a bit of a late night on Friday as we had decided on having Chinese for tea, seeing as it was Valentine's Day. By the time we'd gotten home, showered and were ready to order it was gone 6:30. So we tried calling, and tried and tried and tried. It was permanently engaged.

After half an hour of getting nowhere Mr Click ventured out into the snow and wind to buy it in person. It seems that the local Chinese were ever so slightly busy.

We ended up not eating until nearly eight and not finishing our film until after ten!

All the same, it was a lovely meal and a nice treat so I can't complain.

This week I've had a bit of a break from studying. On Monday I spent about an hour on putting in references and tidying up the wording of my assignment. Then got it submitted the next day.

I kept on planning to do coursework over the rest of the week, but decided to give myself a bit of a break until Saturday. I can do a full week's worth of work on a Saturday if need be so I didn't worry about getting behind.

I always feel like I need a break after doing and assignment and this time was no different. Now I've only got two more assignments and my End of Course Assessment and I'm done! Until my next course that is.

Writing my assignment has left me without much knitting time. I've been knitting my dragon using the pattern from my Cuddly Knitted Animals book but I've kind of taken a break, at first it was because my OU took priority but partly because I'm finding the pattern needlessly complicated.

I guess I'm so used to patterns where things are made in a few pieces with minimal seaming and everything is done by clever shaping techniques, this pattern is supposed to be simpler because everything is done working in the round. You have to pick up stitches and join them and knit those in the round. It's a very small project so really fiddly. I've got loads of bits of thread holding live stitches, I'm using all bar one of my cables and I'm torn between giving up and frogging and continuing what's looking to be a rather misshapen dragon. It seems like such a waste of such nice yarn!

At the moment the dragon is in timeout while I decide whether or not I want to continue with him. He was using up so many bits and pieces that I couldn't even start another project; luckily some scrap yarn gave me back all my needles, cables and stitch holders and I've moved on to knitting a hat, which while fairly complicated (picking up dozens and dozens of stitches) is moving along quite quickly now.

I've also spent a good chunk of time reading. I've spent so much time reading children's books that on Sunday when I finished Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry I downloaded as many free Kindle books as I could find that weren't children's ones.

The first one I read was Murder Passes the Buck which was a pretty quick read. I decided to go for a crime story because it was pretty far from the last three books I'd been reading and also because it was a comedy, making it refreshing after the heavy-going Roll of Thunder.

That only lasted me a couple of days though so I moved on to The Soddit which is by the same author as Star Warped and The Sellamillion. It was funny, but I didn't enjoy it as much as the other two. I couldn't help wondering how it would be different had it been written post-Hobbit films because they were obviously influenced by the Rings films.

So now I'm reading another Kindle book, called Smallworld.

As for TV, we're still working our way through ER. It's not going to be long now until we're done. Just one and a half more series to go!

We're also watching The Good Life, which has a lot more sex jokes in it than it seemed to have when I was younger! I'm really enjoying it and I'm just disappointed that there aren't more episodes; we're about halfway through already!

It's been really nice getting all caught up on my reading material but I'm determined to get more knitting done this week.

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