Thursday, 14 August 2014

Wreck This Journal: Fill This Page With Circles

Quite a few of the pages in my Wreck This Journal are WIPs. I come back to them whenever I have something worth adding. Like my Circles page:

The aim of this page is to collect circles. As I'm having fun making collages in this journal I decided to continue as I'd started. I kept on finding pretty or interesting circles in the magazines I was cutting words and Ws out of so I decided to start saving them for this page.

I'd like to fill it up with anything vaguely circular so all that remains is the text at the top and a little bit of white around the edges. It's looking a bit sparse right now, but with time it'll grow. I'm trying to avoid filling it up with circles like the 'more than 50% off' one and instead more like the top two and the World War I circle.

I did think I was on to a winner the other week when I had a napkin positively covered with circles. In the end they were too fiddly to cut out without tearing and as it was a two-ply napkin it was almost impossible to get them to stick in without wrinkling or tearing. In the end that red dot in the centre was all I could manage before I gave up.

I'm looking out for some 3D round things I can stick in when I've covered the page. I'll probably use tape for those and then just attach them over the top. As you can imagine, I'm loving all the cutting and sticking!

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