Friday, 26 June 2015

The Phone Call

After egg retrieval you feel kind of funny. You've had an operation which basically involves someone sticking a needle through your vaginal walls and into your ovaries multiple times. In my case they did this at least nineteen times (and considering that some follicles might not contain eggs, you can assume they did it even more than that).

I'll give you a hint, you'll want some time to recover.

Luckily I'd got the day off on Wednesday so I took it really easy. Mr Click parked me in the living room while he reorganised the bedroom and I worried that my phone wasn't getting a good enough signal to actually ring when the embryologist called.

There was one spectacular moment when I stuck my phone in my hoodie pocket while I nipped up to the loo, only to hear Mr Click's ringing. I rushed downstairs, which I wouldn't recommend, only to find it was my Father-in-Law.

I needn't have worried.

We got the phone call at around 10:20am with the great news; we had seven 'normally fertilised' embryos.

I should add here that the way Glasgow Royal works is that if you get ten or less eggs, all are ICSI'd, if you get more then they do half IVF and half ICSI. All of our fertilised ones were ICSI'd, which is such a relief, if they just done IVF on them all we could've ended up with nothing!

The embryologist was so thrilled with our results and we were too. He said that due to the number we'd be trying to get them to Day 5 or Blastocyst stage, when they would look something like this:

Note: Not one of mine!
Embryos can be transferred on Day 2, Day 3 or Day 5 (not Day 4 because the stage of development, Morula, is hard to grade so they can't always identify the best one). We were given a provisional date and time for our appointment on Sunday 21st, with the warning that we might have to come over sooner if the Magnificent Seven weren't doing too well.

Well, as you probably know if you've read my other posts this week. They held their own. This didn't stop me from worrying for an hour or two each morning that we were going to get a call from the hospital to come in for transfer.

It never came.

And so come Sunday we headed for Glasgow again... but more of that tomorrow!


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    1. It was fantastic. Quite an emotional moment as well, when we realised that we'd actually created something!


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