Sunday, 28 June 2015

Weekly Rundown: One Week On

At 10:20am today I will have had 5BB on board for exactly one week. I'm currently swinging wildly between trying not to think about it and obsessing over every little gurgle, twinge and sneeze wondering if they're some sort of sign that 5BB has decided to stick around. It's exhausting.

Me, this time last week.
It's also tricky to decide what are symptoms and what are side effects of the progesterone pessaries I've been having to use. For example sore boobs can be an early sign of pregnancy, but also a side effect of progesterone. It's not something I've really experienced before but I think my right boob definitely feels different. Unfortunately there's no way of tying it down to anything until I do the test.

I had a good distraction for the first couple of days after 5BB's transfer because my Mum and Stepdad were visiting. Obviously once I'd had the hospital appointment I was rather confined to barracks. I've spent an awful lot of time sitting on my bum, looking stuff up online, reading and knitting. On the positive side, I've finished knitting my rainbow zebra (and am in the process of sewing him up), finished reading Raising Steam and started on Tess of the d'Urbervilles, and become more than a passing authority on the symptoms of early pregnancy.

Mr Click is being wonderful and not letting me do anything (unless I sneak about and do stuff when he's not looking). I'm back at work again now, after what feels like ages off (I was only in two days the week before and I don't think my head was properly there either day). It's nice to get back into a routine again.

Speaking of which, I'm getting back on top of things with the blog. It was never my intention to let things slip during treatment but I was exhausted from hospital appointments, the egg retrieval and the recovery. After last cycle's hyperstimulation I was also wanting to be very careful in case I went overboard again this time. Which I didn't. Plus with my Mum visiting I had to prioritise, but I'm back on track now.

I've got some new blog graphics I've been working on which I'm planning on putting up soon. The sidebar is in desperate need of a spring clean (I've been adding to it since 2011 and I don't think I've ever taken anything off it!) so I'll attack that too. I'm getting caught up with Twilight and The Fellowship of the Ring for my Friday and Saturday posts as well.

I'm also currently behind on the 2015 Summer Photography Scavenger Hunt and on the Reading Challenge (by about a week), so once I'm feeling more up to long walks I'll be out with my camera. It seemed to take me ages to get through Raising Steam but I had a lot going on and I would get to bed, read a page and then fall asleep. I'm getting through Tess of the d'Urbervilles  a lot quicker by comparison (though that's partly because I can pull it up on Project Gutenberg to read on my phone when I'm out of the house).

While I'm mentioning things I'm behind on, I've barely read any blogs for the last two weeks. I think there have been two days I've gotten online and left comments but I'll be trying to get caught up over the coming weeks. So if you see me commenting on a really old post, you know why.

Keep your fingers crossed that little 5BB is burrowed in nice and safe, so that in nine months time I can start sharing cute newborn photos.


  1. Good luck. It's good to get some distractions so you're not obsessing, but I think we get why your head might not be in the blogging world at the moment.


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