Thursday, 28 January 2016

Bullet Journalling Resources

Earlier in the week I proudly showed off my Bullet Journal, the spiral bound notebook which is helping me keep my life in order. I thought I should probably share some of the resources which are helping to inspire and motivate me with my BuJo (as they're affectionately known).

Obviously, the first link I have to share is the Official Bullet Journal site. In Monday's post I gave a bit of an overview of the whole system and how it's supposed to work. This explains it so much better (and with far nicer pictures) than I could.

You'll notice that the official site is very much more monochrome than mine. That's because I came across Bullet Journalling originally on Pinterest. I was looking for inspiration for my Walking Journal and found this instead. There is so much helpful information on Pinterest that you should really just search for Bullet Journal and you'll find a wealth of useful tips and tricks. It's helpful when there's a layout or collection that you're trying to come up with but can't get just right as well, you can see if someone else has done something similar and adapt their ideas.

There are also two blogs which I have found unbelievably helpful. The first is Boho Berry which I found through my Pinterest searches. She has some really in depth blog posts on her Bullet Journal process, shares hundreds of photos of her layouts and also has a bunch of free resources available for download. The second is Tiny Ray of Sunshine which I found through a Google Image Search because she did a post which pretty much covered every weekly layout you might want to try in your BuJo.

And lastly, if you're on Facebook, I have to recommend the Bullet Journal Junkies group. It's so easy to share your pages and ask questions here because it's so active. If you've got a query about how other people handle something in their planners, or you just want to show off a new page you've come up with, here's the place to do it.

Do you Bullet Journal? Have you found any useful resources you'd like to share?

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