Saturday, 2 January 2016

Film Review: An Unexpected Journey, Part 5

It's been a while but this is the very last part of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. If I'd paid attention last month I would've realised that I only had one part left to share. Better late than never, I guess.

So far, Bilbo has been strong-armed into joining a bunch of Dwarves on some sort of mission to vanquish a dragon. Along the way he's visited Rivendell and is now trying to find his way out of the Goblin tunnels. He's also picked up a shiny golden trinket which I'm sure will be of absolutely no consequence whatsoever.

162. And look, the Goblin King is singing again. I guess this would be Down in the Deep of Goblin Town (Reprise).

163. Gandalf took his time showing up. I wonder how he snuck in unnoticed. Not complaining. It's a good thing he came back to save their skins.

164. This reminds me of the bit when the Fellowship is attacked in Moria, except without the whole Gandalf falling off the bridge thing.

165. The buttons flying off bit was great in 3D in the cinema. Actually I have the 3D versions of them film; just don't have a 3D TV to watch them on.

166. The Ring flying into the air and landing on your finger thing seems to be a bit of a theme, doesn't it? Like if you toss it in the air, it automatically looks for the nearest extended finger.

167. Meanwhile the Dwarves and Gandalf are fighting their way through the legions of goblins. They're doing pretty well at it as well. They have some interesting techniques.

168. I wouldn't fancy running along those narrow walkways. Then again, the Dwarves have experience with that kind of thing so I guess they're not too bothered. And if a hundred orcs were after me, I'd probably run along anything, no matter how high or narrow, to get away.

169. "What are you going to do now, wizard?" Why, poke you in the eye, of course? You've got to respect someone who knows exactly the right moment to poke an enemy in the eye.

170. That's one way of reaching the bottom, I suppose.

171. I like how RingVision is different in this film. It's gentler and less scary, I guess that's because Sauron isn't actively looking for the Ring.

172. And here's that all important moment. Gollum really is pitiable right now. Look at those big sad eyes. He wants to go out to chase after Bilbo but he can't bring himself to leave.

173. I also kind of like that Bilbo kicks him on the way over, so Gollum knows that Bilbo made it out the caves. Plus, I never liked how high and far Bilbo seemed to have jumped to get past Gollum in the book.

174. Bilbo could almost have turned away at this moment. Though I'm not sure he would've survived long on his own, even after surviving Gollum and the goblins.

175. Gandalf knows. He's not going to say anything though.

176. Keep making speeches like that, Bilbo, and Thorin will definitely warm up to you.

177. Unfortunately you don't have time to chat. The Wargs and their riders have caught up with you.

178. I like that they squeezed in the chapter title 'Our of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire'.

179. Lucky those trees were there. I like how Bilbo looks around like all the Dwarves have disappeared.

180. The moment with the moth is such a cool way to bring the eagles in, just like in Fellowship. It even gets the same theme music.

181. Despite the Goblin King telling Thorin Azog was still alive, he just now believes it.

182. The Wargs are pretty clever, figuring out how to knock the trees over and force the gang right to the edge of the cliff.

183. Of course, starting a forest fire when you're stuck up a tree probably isn't the best way to live a long and happy life. I realise you're pretty limited when you're a wizard with fire powers, but still. Into the Fire, indeed.

184. Go Thorin!

185. Well, that didn't work so well.

186. I'm impressed at Dori holding on for so long. Then again, this is all happening in slow motion so it feels like it's taking longer than it actually is.

187. Things really do not look so good for Thorin.

188. Um, Azog, if you want his head, go get it yourself. Sending underlings to do your dirty work never ends well.

189. Yay for Bilbo! I love how Thorin adopted a warrior stance and ran towards Azog, whereas Bilbo just rugby tackled (or whatever the Hobbiton equivalent is) the orc.

190. And once the Hobbit had shown them what to do the Dwarves who weren't dangling by their fingertips were able to go help.

191. Looks like the eagles showed up just in time.

192. I have to admit, it always upset me reading about the wolves burning alive in the book, because I picture something wolfish and like my dog. I'm glad the Wargs don't look so much like dogs because I'm not so affected by them getting burned. Plus they're digital so that makes it okay.

193. Enough rambling. Let's marvel at how well the eagles catch falling Dwarves and wizards.

194. This is a good excuse to show us some spectacular New Zealand scenery.

195. I love that the Carrock is shaped like a bear. I missed it the first time I saw it and now it makes me smile every time. It's like a little hint of things to come for the people who haven't read the book.

196. Thorin is all angry with Bilbo and then sort of goes, 'I actually love you, man. Hug me?'

197. Oh look. That's the mountain you're aiming for. Still got a way to go. Better start walking.

198. Thorin does not look well. I'm watching this on Halloween and he looks like he's got his zombie make up on.

199. Bilbo, why did you have to say that. It obviously isn't.

200. I love this glimpse of Smaug. I also love the way he's all snuggled up in his gold.

201. And that's it. Apart from Neil Finn singing his song. And it's a very nice song (though it's been totally upstaged by Billy Boyd's 'The Last Goodbye').

And next week we'll make a start to The Desolation of Smaug.

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