Tuesday, 24 May 2016

A Brief Hiatus

You may have noticed that I've been a little silent here recently.

There's nothing wrong. I've just been busy. And tired.

Two weeks ago my Mum and step-dad came for a visit and we had a pretty non-stop weekend. I have blog posts planned to tell you all about what we got up to. I've got loads of photos to share.

Shortly after that I had another hospital appointment and started on a new medication. It's a different version of one I've been on for the last two transfers and tiredness is a side effect. I'm getting on much better with this medication than the last one, but by the same token, it seems to be hitting my system a little quicker because ever since I started it I've been dreaming of my bed (apart from when I'm in bed, that's when insomnia kicks in and I'm wide awake).

I'm also finally getting my broadband set up at home. Or at least, I will be as soon as BT get their act together and set up our phone line. So hopefully in the next few weeks I'll be posting my blog posts from home instead of saving them all up and posting them all at once on a Sunday.

Rather than promising blog posts and then not delivering, I'm just going to have a wee hiatus until I'm less busy, tired, and broadbandless.

I'm going to put my feet up and get on with knitting this (not so) little fellow:


  1. Enjoy your wee break, hope the meds soon balance out and as ever fingers and toes crossed for you

  2. That guy looks like he's coming along.

  3. Keep rested up. He is a big chap!

  4. Hope you get the meds worked out. The toy looks like it will be a fun thing to knit!

  5. Hope the tiredness goes away and you start feeling more energetic soon. Have fun and take care until you come back.


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