Sunday, 1 May 2016

Weekly Rundown: Birthday Funtimes

Thank you for all the lovely birthday wishes on the blog during the week.

I had a fantastic day and I was completely and utterly spoiled rotten.

Mr Click has been presenting me with little treats for the last few weeks. We've been calling it thirty days of treats but I suspect I may have had a few more than just thirty. The big day itself was on Wednesday and I marked it in my Bullet Journal:

And I'm pleased to say that I checked off all of those things (the third one was actually my breakfast!), those were also the only tasks I assigned myself on Wednesday so all in all, it was a very successful day.

I'd taken some time the night before to put up some decorations (read: two of the garlands that came in my Flow book) so it seemed like the best place to hang my cards was next to the star garland. And you can see, I did pretty well for cards:

The balloons, by the way, left over from my surprise party. I hated to think of them going to waste.

I did pretty well for presents as well, not even counting the little treats Mr Click had given me (like washi tape and stickers) on some of our recent outings.

The day before my birthday my new welly boots and walking boots arrived. I'm hoping these walking boots last for a long time because they are just amazing. I told Mr Click that he should've wrapped them up and given them to me as a birthday present but we have a tradition of exchanging three gifts and it would've messed up his numbers, but they definitely count as one of my main presents.

There was a bit of a Star Wars theme going on for the day. Mr Click got me this Star Wars colouring book (which features some brilliant Star Wars themed mandalas and patterns; there's a couple you have to look at for a moment to realise it's made of a droid head or an X-Wing fighter) which went nicely with the colouring pencils from my Mum. My in-laws got me The Force Awakens on blu-ray (and the replacement copy of Return of the Jedi which we had to order since our copy was cracked also arrived on my birthday, necessitating a mini-movie marathon).

My Mum sent me a box filled with goodies, scattered through with little foil 30s which I'm still finding in the bed nearly a week later! It wasn't until I was about halfway through unwrapping it all that I cottoned on to what she had been doing; there were thirty gifts!

The above are two of my favourites. The fairy, who I have christened with the imaginative name of 'Birthday Fairy' was knitted by my Mum. She's quite the whizz at making fairies now and they each have their own little character. I'm thrilled to finally have one of my own. And beside Birthday is a little perfume bottle (which I am scared to look at for too long in case I break it), it's so beautiful.

There was also a substantial number of crafty things as well. Including this little case full of washi tape (and a new pencil sharpener):

I was given some money for my birthday as well and instead of buying something I just wanted, I was very practical (I am thirty now after all) so I bought a set of plastic storage drawers for all my craft supplies in the living room. Hopefully they'll be here this week so I can share a photo of them being all organised in a future blog post.

And then we had a day out to Dunoon as well as part of the treat. But I think I've shared enough here for today so more about that tomorrow.

Thanks again for all the birthday wishes.


  1. Happy birthday. Belatedly.

  2. Sorry I'm late in wishing you a Happy Birthday (we were away and without internet facilities last week!) so am catching up now with everyone :) What wonderful gifts you received - I am coveting the Birthday fairy - especially her beaded sock shoes!!

    1. Thank you. :-) My Birthday Fairy is currently living on my windowsill in the living room. She makes me smile every time I open the curtains. :-)


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