Wednesday, 3 August 2016


Shock! Horror! It's Wednesday and I'm not being Wordless!

As much as I enjoy being quiet on a Wednesday, now I'm able to post, I don't see why I shouldn't. Don't worry, I'll still be sharing photos, but I'm cribbing off of Mark @ So It Goes and switching to Silent Sunday instead.

So the Sunday Weekly Rundown posts are being retired in favour of something which is kind of the same but different.

And here's what I'm Currently up to.

Since I devoured Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (which is still sitting next to me as I type, like some sort of security blanket or something), I've switched back to reading a Kindle book. Normally I alternate between ebook and book-book but as I've been rereading all the Harry Potter books it's been hardbacks all the way.

Right now I'm almost halfway through Saucerers and Gondoliers by Dominic Green, which I got as a free ebook way back three years ago. I read Smallworld by the same author some time ago and this is a nice mix of comedy and sci-fi.

As I type this, we've got an episode of Criminal Minds on the TV. We're rewatching the seven series box set that Mr Click got me a couple of years ago. A few weeks back when we visited Ayr we picked up the eighth series so I'm looking forward to seeing some brand new episodes.

Oh, and at bedtime? We're back to watching Red Dwarf. I practically know that series off by heart. I've grown up on it and I'm thrilled to hear that they're making new episodes.

Right now, Flying saucers. Mr Click got them as a substitute for Fizzing Whizzbees while I was reading The Cursed Child. I feel like I'm about eight again.

Winning £33 worth of vouchers this week. I'm currently torn between putting them towards Christmas presents (as I often do with vouchers like this) or splurging on stationery supplies and books for myself. It's a tough call!

To eat more fish.

I'm really not a fan normally but Mr Click has been very patient at trying different ways of cooking it for me. I successfully ate a portion of salmon on Friday. I didn't die and the world didn't end so I think I did pretty well.

I'd gotten more sleep last night.

I woke up at 1:50am because there was a crazy heavy rainstorm, complete with thunder and lightning, right outside my house. Then I couldn't get back to sleep until nearly 5am. I'm going to sleep like a log tonight.

For the people who are still reading my blog. Hi guys! *waves* Sorry I was away so long.


  1. Red Dwarf?!? I saw an occasional episode when it hit the local PBS station, but I never followed it for very long. Time to find it somewhere.

    1. We're up to series four in our viewing now. I'm looking forward to watching the Smeg Ups soon too. :-)


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