Wednesday, 24 August 2016


I've had a busy week so far this week (and it's only Wednesday). Is it just me, or has it felt like Thursday all day? I'm going to be very disappointed when I wake up tomorrow and it isn't Friday.


These two little guys who were hanging out on the wall when we got home last night:

I was especially amazed because this wall is about two and a half feet high. I'm guessing they must've climbed up some plants somewhere to get onto it. I'm also pretty pleased because these pictures didn't come out too badly, considering they were taken at night with my mobile phone. Mr Click had to wait in the car with the lights on so I could snap these.


A Child's History of England by Charles Dickens. Since watching the Dickens adaptations on DVD I've been feeling I should read some more Dickens. This seemed like it would be an interesting read as it's a non-fiction.

It kind of reminds me of the Horrible Histories books that I used to devour as a child/young teen, except it's like the Victorian version. I'm only 15% of the way through it at the moment, because apparently when I try reading books on my Kindle now I fall asleep (unless I'm actually trying to sleep, in which case it doesn't happen), but it basically goes right back to the beginning of England and works its way forward.

I'm heading into the start of the Tudor period at the moment and I've found that I've learned a bit as well as being reminded of things that I've read or heard about in the past but have since forgotten.


Yes! I'm writing again.

I've spent a couple of weeks thinking wistfully of picking Behind the Scenes up again. I dug it out. I typed up the whole Prologue, realised how awful it is and put it away again. And then on Sunday I suddenly felt inspired. I pulled it out, read through the entire thing and found myself pulling out a pen to carry on with it.

It's not actually all this cringeworthy (I'd say maybe about 20% of it is almost good). But it made me smile and I also discovered hidden depths in there that I didn't realise I'd even written. It turns out that all four of the main characters are hiding something about themselves so it's not just behind the scenes of a film, it's behind the scenes of themselves as well. It's getting deep!



I've always been fascinated with it but I've never really been able to get the hang of things. But Mr Click treated me to a dip pen calligraphy set last week and I pulled it out on Saturday to see how I got on.

Turns out, quite well:

This is the fattest nib and I need to dip after almost every letter, but I love the effect. I'm thinking I might have a go at some Gothic-style lettering at some point, but for now I'm just working on standard cursive.

I may be sending some fancy ass Christmas cards this year!

So what've you been up to this week?


  1. Around these parts, Gothic lettering is what all the gangs use...

    No, it doesn't feel like Thursday to me. It's kinda felt like Tuesday to me. This week has been weird.

    1. Wow, I didn't know that about the Gothic lettering. Over here it's usually used on signs for old-fashioned gift shops, cafes and church newsletters.

      It's definitely felt like one of those weeks where the days are in the wrong order. Someone today told me they felt like it was a Monday! All I could think was 'please no!'


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