Thursday, 18 August 2016

What I did yesterday...

As you may have guessed from yesterday's post we had a bit of an eventful day.

The plan had been to take a relative's car to Ayr for servicing, pick up a few bits and pieces in town that I needed for the award ceremony I'm going to next week, then pick up the car, do some shopping and arrive home at a nice respectable hour.

I'm going to blame Mr Click for that not going to plan. Not because he broke the car, because he didn't, but because he jinxed us.

Before we left my father-in-law asked 'have we got food for the dog?' as we were leaving Tara in their capable care. 'No,' replied my husband, 'we feed her at 6:30. If we're not back by then, something'll have gone terribly wrong.'

Well something went horribly wrong.

After we managed to limp the car round a roundabout and into the parking spaces outside a row of houses in a residential area we found ourselves with nearly a ninety minute wait for the RAC man to arrive to tow us the last half hour into Ayr.

Of course, when we pulled up in the scorching sun both myself and Mr Click needed to pee. Desperately.

A taxi driver pulled up by us with a delivery of eggs for one of the houses and Mr Click wandered over to ask him if he knew where the nearest loo might be. It was in an Asda shop. Twenty minutes walk away. I could've cried.

Luckily the taxi driver was awesome and he asked the equally awesome old man at number 104 if we could borrow his loo. The old guy was completely unfazed at the prospect of two random people strolling into his house to use his toilet (he clearly doesn't watch as much Criminal Minds as we do)!

Honourable mention also goes to his neighbour two doors along who came to our rescue when we were trying to give the RAC man directions to our location using only the SatNav and our limited knowledge of the road we had ended up on.

Eventually we made it to the garage. Where there was a phenomenal cock-up with the company who were supposed to provide us with a hire car (which they were helpfully going to be able to deliver to Wemyss Bay for us, really helpful when you consider we were stranded over an hour and a half away in Ayr).

In the end Mr Click and I decided to make our way home by bus and took advantage of the fact that we were going to have a bit of a wait by hanging out in Ayr. At one point that morning, while we were standing beside the car at gone half past ten (a full five hours after we'd gotten up), slowly getting more sunburned, we pretty much decided we wouldn't bother with shopping in Ayr and we'd take a trip to Glasgow on Saturday instead.

Luckily that's not necessary and I can have a lie in after Friday. The first shop we went into in Ayr produced the exact sort of clutch bag I was looking for. The next shop produced a hair band which pretty much completes my outfit for the ball.

Other finds of the day included series one to three of Outnumbered (still in the cellophane) for £5 in a charity shop, a book about the TV series Blackadder and, thanks to using some vouchers I won at work, that set of 25 Inkjoy pens and a notebook for £6.28.

Mr Click treated me to the calligraphy set (it's a proper dip pen) so I'm going to have some fun playing with that at the weekend too.

And rest assured. We made it back home, eventually. Well after six-thirty. After two hot and sweaty hours in the sun and nearly two hours on a bus. It was a long and tiring day.

I almost feel that going back to work today was a holiday by comparison!


  1. Replies
    1. It was, but it did improve as the day went on, thankfully!

  2. Oh wow. I'm so sorry. Crazy how a car can ruin your whole day.

    1. It wasn't so much the car that ruined our day. More the man who was refusing to let us get a replacement like we were promised. Luckily we still had a good day in the end.

  3. Wow, that does sound like a long hot day.

    1. It really was. I had fun in the end though and Mr Click treated me to ice cream the next day as well. :-)


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