Saturday, 29 October 2016

A Slightly Different Walk

Last Saturday Mr Click and I took a stroll around the estate with a slight difference.

It was a walk that we've done hundreds of times before. I call it 'the circuit' because you walk round in a big circle. When you leave the house you can go in one of two directions; heading down the hill, along the shore, back up the slope towards the back gate, along the road and back to the house. Or you can do the whole thing in reverse.

We picked the former.

And what was so different about it?

Well, halfway round I handed the camera to Mr Click. Hopefully he doesn't mind me sharing some of his snaps here.

I very rarely make it into photos these days. Most pictures of me are taken on a mobile phone which isn't always the most flattering sort of picture. They're grainy and the focus can look weird and they're generally posed.

I'm going to have to give him my camera more often because these photos are so much more natural. Like this:

My sock was falling off inside my welly boot so I had to fish it out! Don't get much more spontaneous than that.

All of these photos are entirely his, I just did some basic colour correction, resizing and cropping on them. Like this one below, he'd taken the picture straight on, but when I was resizing it I just adjusted the crop slightly:

When we went past this tree I told Mr Click he had to take a photo of the tree for me and what he got was probably not hugely different to the photo I would've taken myself. And as for this one:

Well, I could've taken that one myself.

I have a funny feeling that I might be handing over control of my camera to Mr Click a little more often from now on.


  1. Great pictures. It doesn't look much like that here. There's lots of dirt and cactus here lol

    1. I think he did very well. Just a week on and the trees are really bare now with loads more leaves on the ground!

  2. He just needs to bring his own camera. Then you can have two sets of pics of the same walk from two slightly different perspectives.

    1. He usually uses the camera on his phone. It's nice to get him using mine though. Perhaps some day I'll save up and get a new body for it and then we can both take one while we walk.


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