Wednesday, 5 October 2016


... what the latest Windows 10 update has done to my keyboard.

Scrolling on it seems kind of sticky. Normally I just hit the down arrow to scroll down but it feels like it's taking a lot of effort. I'm going to have to do some investigating after I've written this post. and fiddle with some settings.

Also wondering...
... why there was salt water coming out of my shower last night.

And my kitchen taps this morning.

Actually, I think this is one for a whole other blog post. I'll tell you all about it tomorrow.

... The Painted Bridge by Wendy Wallace.

I forget whether it was my Mum or my Nan who gave this to me when I was down in Wales (Mum, if you're reading this, please remind me if it was you). It's set during the Victorian era and is about a woman whose husband has her labelled as hysterical and committed to an institution. I'm a little over halfway through and it's really compelling reading, I've had a couple of late nights reading it.

... from a party at the weekend.

And I wasn't even invited to it.

I'll tell you about that one tomorrow too.

... for NaNoWriMo!

It's just around the corner, guys!

I've got a little fledgling idea slowly growing its feathers. I've got the 1st of November booked off work. I've rediscovered a chat room that I used to hang out it. I'm feeling that traditional NaNo buzz starting to build.

Now I just need a title. And my characters need names. And I need to figure out how it's going to end. And what's going to happen in the middle. And most of the beginning too.

But it's going to be awesome!

Are you NaNoing this year? Any weird things you're pondering this evening? Reading something good?

Share it in the comments.


  1. I'm always pondering weird things. As for NaNo, no. Just no. Not the way I write, so I'm not going to overtax myself for something that's doomed to failure. For me, at least.

    1. I always love your posts where you post your speculative fiction prompts. It's the sort of thing we always have conversations about at work.

      I've had a fair few NaNo failures, but I enjoy the challenge and I'm really pushing myself to get a finished story at the end of the year this year.


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