Wednesday, 26 October 2016


... a little like Christmas.

I arrived home today with a pair of shoes a colleague let me have since she's having a clear our and we're the same size (she offered me two other pairs, but told me they were horrible in advance, they weren't that horrible really, just an acquired taste and that's not a taste I've acquired personally). Then there were four parcels with my name on them.

We now have cases for our trip to Wales, I have some new trousers and a new top, I've also got another pen pal letter, and a beautiful tree ornament that I found at the weekend (I can't believe that one came so soon).

We ended up with boxes and packaging all over the living room floor (which we still have to tidy up) but it was worth it.

... still Death du Jour by Kathy Reichs.

I'm very close to the end now and should finish it in the next day or so (if I get off my computer and actually, y'know, read it). It's actually a very easy read, I blasted through about five chapters on Sunday at my in-laws' house. I'm just slow because I know who did it so I don't have that sense of suspense.

... having tap water I can actually drink again!

I mentioned previously that we were having some issues with our water supply. Well, last Monday we got the go ahead to drink the water again, which we tried for about a day before switching back to bottled because it tasted foul. Really chemically. It smelt nice though; the whole room would smell like it had just been bleached or something.

But it wasn't the taste that was the main issue.

It was the fact that taking a shower made your eyes sting and your throat burn. It wasn't until Thursday (when I had to sit on the bathroom floor and gasp for breath after my shower because my chest had gone all tight) that I made the connection. Each evening I was sneezing, my nose was running, my throat was hurting, and I thought I was coming down with some weird cold that only struck post-6pm.

My shower was making both me and Mr Click feel rotten.

Several phone calls, and assurances that the water was safe to drink and there was no bacteria in it (because it was chlorinated to kingdom come), I finally got to speak to someone who admitted that they'd been a little heavy-handed with the treatment of the water and as we are apparently the first group of houses on the supply line, we were hit with the worst of it.

The good news is, it's all better now. As I write this I'm sipping a glass of crystal clear tap water which tastes as good as before. I'm also really looking forward to having a relaxing bath this weekend without the fear of turning my bathroom into a gas chamber!

What've you been up to this week?


  1. Yikes. Glad the water thing is fixed. I don't think I could stand such a chemically smell, but at least now they've got it sorted out.

    Did you know there's a TV series based on Kathy Reichs' books?

    1. Yeah, it was really bothering me. I'm so glad it's stopped now, though I still have to wash all our towels because they smell like chlorine.

      I'm a big fan of the TV series Bones. It was actually the TV series that got me started on the books. :-)


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