Thursday, 29 August 2013

Day Zero Project: Buy & Watch Every Series of ER

ER is one of my favourite TV series. I remember I always used to change channel after Friends but one night I was staying up a bit late, I guess I didn't have school the next day or maybe I did and I was doing some last minute homework, so I just left it on E4. There was a heavily pregnant woman getting married. I didn't pay it too much attention, but the longer it went on, the more I found myself watching it.

It was an episode from series seven, somewhere near the end, where Drs Corday and Greene get married. And that sucked me in. They later repeated the whole series in the run up to series eight and so I was able to get caught up to speed. I watched almost every episode after that.

While I was off school for my exam leave I got into a routine for my revision where I would revise until lunchtime and then stop. This worked out perfectly for watching the old episodes of ER they were showing. In this way I managed to watch most of series five and six (though they were edited for the daytime audience so the really gorey bits were edited out).

I started getting the series on DVD, getting up to series five before I stopped getting them (because one of my favourite characters dies in series six and if I didn't own it then it couldn't happen). I'd always intended to carry on buying the following series at some point, but then it got to the point where it would be more expensive to buy each individual series than it was to buy the complete box set, so I held off until I could actually get the complete box set.

And then my wonderful husband bought me the big box set.

We've been watching it since just after my birthday and have reached series eight now. There are some episodes (like those from the first few series) which I've watched again and again, and others which I've only seen the first time they were on TV. I've even found a few which I've not seen at all which were maybe not included when there were reruns because of events happening in the world (one that springs to mind involved a train crash which I'd never seen and I guess was not shown because of something similar happening in real life).

So this is one target which I've almost achieved now. Just a few more series to go and as we average two episodes a day, I was expecting it to take us almost a year to watch them all, but we'll probably be finished within the next couple of months!

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