Thursday, 15 August 2013

Day Zero Project: Research & Buy Camera Flash

I've talked about my camera here plenty of times before. It's a lovely Canon DSLR 1000d, which side from a slight power problem when it was about six months old (and thankfully was repaired under warranty after a bit of arguing with Canon) is serving me pretty well.

At some point I'd quite like to expand my camera equipment, I'm doing it kind of gradually because it is just a hobby and I've not got hundreds of pounds to spend on it. I've blogged before about the fact I'm hoping to get a 50mm lens in the future, well I'd also like to get a decent flash as well.

It's something I'm needing to actually look into properly though and maybe speak to people who actually know about this sort of thing because I certainly don't. I feel like I have a bit of time because right now I'm getting by without but it is something I'd like to get in time for taking photos of our kids.

At the moment I'm getting by with the built-in flash. As far as flashes go, it's not too bad. I generally try to avoid using it when I can by taking photos outside, by windows and by checking I've got the right white balance settings for wherever I happen to be at that time.

But it'd be nice to have something I can angle away from whatever I'm photographing and perhaps have a little more control over. As I said though, it's something I do need to research so I won't be getting one any time soon!

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