Monday, 5 August 2013

IVF Update

The last month has felt like one of the longest waits yet in our 'IVF Journey', this time we've been waiting for the go ahead to actually start. At my last Nuffield appointment I was drained of an armful of blood for various genetic tests, the final step in checking my suitability for the egg share programme.

Waiting for the results felt like forever. It wasn't actually that long, about three weeks, but it wasn't helped by the fact that I was trying to call for them in my lunch break at work. The time of that varies from day to day and I'd still need time to eat my sandwich after making a phone call which does make things tricky.

After trying several times and not getting through because it was busy or I wouldn't have time to talk or my phone signal kept disappearing, I just filled in the form on their Hope Fertility site and asked them to speak to Mr Click. Much easier!

As usual the staff were fantastic and if we had a question they didn't have the answer to they'd find it out for us. I think this chopping and changing of phone numbers is a little confusing for them though. Especially when, on the way home from work, I answered Mr Click's phone and happened to be the person they were actually looking to speak to.

So all the results came back normal and we've got to go in on my Day 20 for a scan and an injection. I've got my first lot of pills to start taking as well. It feels unreal how close to starting we finally are.

After a bit of thinking about it I also decided to order myself an IVF Hypnotherapy CD. Mr Click has used a relaxation one before and said it helped a bit, so after reading reviews and things I settled on one and I'll be giving it a go.

The one I've opted for has a track for each stage of the cycle and it's all about positive attitudes and visualisation. I figure it can't hurt and it's so important to make sure that you're in the right frame of mind with these things. I have a bit of a tendency to lie awake in bed at night thinking things over and over and over, or to wake early in the morning and not get to sleep for the things going round in my head. Hopefully this'll be useful in switching my brain off a little bit when it's needed.

I'll post a review here once I've tried out it.

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