Sunday, 25 January 2015

Weekly Rundown: Return of the Click

You may have noticed that I’m back from Wales. I actually got home shortly before 6pm last Sunday but thanks to careful scheduling of posts and spending Monday getting caught up online I’ve managed to stay pretty much on top of my blogging. I’m terribly behind on actually reading the blogs that I follow though. That’s my task for the day; reading through the hundred or so blog posts from the blogs I follow, so if you see me commenting on a post from three weeks ago, you know why.

I won’t say too much more about my time in Wales here because I’m gradually writing posts about the things we got up to while we were away. I took squillions of photos as well which I’m slowly sorting through and organising. Suffice to say I think I’ve got my Wordless Wednesday posts sorted until this time next year! This week’s Wales posts are about the things we got up to on the Wednesday we were away, so expect to see some nice photos of Caerphilly Castle very soon.

In theory the travelling time should have been perfect for getting through my Reading Challenge reading, but it wasn’t really. After whizzing through Jane Austen’s Emma in four days, it took me a full week to read Pride and Prejudice and even then I finished it at about ten minutes to midnight on the Wednesday. I suspect that the delay in getting through it was partly because I’m already really familiar with the story, despite never having read it before, so there wasn’t the same element of surprise (like when Lydia and Wickham took off together). I just didn’t have that same sense of urgency to get through it and find out what would happen next because thanks to the BBC series, the more recent film, Bride and Prejudice, and even Bridget Jones’s Diary as well as a host of other stories that have taken inspiration from the book, I already knew.

I moved straight on to The Book Thief by Markus Zusak for my Week 3 book (a book that’s been turned into a movie). This was a much quicker read for me (helped along by reading it on the journey from Wales to a family get together in High Wycombe). Considering it was a reread, I remembered surprisingly little of the story. It’s a beautiful book and I loved the way that it was written.

I’m yet to see the movie but I think it’s one I might pick up at some point soon because while I was reading I was picturing certain things playing out on screen in a specific way and I want to see how close I am. It’ll be interesting to see how they handle the way that Death narrates the story, particularly as it’s a very visual sort of story, considering all the description; if it’s done right it’ll make for a beautiful film.

The Book Thief was followed by another reread, The Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean M. Auel, this one was a non-challenge read and at just under 500 pages, it was a bit of challenge to get it finished before Week 4 started on Thursday. Again, I stayed up rather late to finish it and now I’m reading Miramont’s Ghost by Elizabeth Hall. It’s a Kindle Early Release book, technically not published until the 1st of February, making it perfect for the book published this year.

When I’ve not been reading I’ve been catching up on laundry from being away and surviving the sprinkling of snow we’ve had this week. Oh and cuddling with Tara, Yoda and Wicket (not all at once) who I really missed while we were away. I’ve not really got much else planned for this week either (with the exception, hopefully, of having the snow, I could do without any more of that) except just getting back into the routine at home, and getting caught up on everyone’s blogs!

Oh and in case you're wondering about the photo above. I had a slight injury last night. For our Christmas in Wales my Nanny gave me two cross stitch kits. Instead of continuing with my knitted socks I decided to start organising one of the kits. As the threads came in one big clump and I needed to separate them into the right colours for the project I decided to make a little card which I could thread the colours onto and mark up which was which.

I carefully cut out a piece of card and then set about punching holes into the card. Did I use the hole punch from up in the spare bedroom? Of course not. I merrily sat in bed stabbing holes into a piece of card with a pair of scissors.

At one point I thought I might have missed and caught myself, but when there was no sign of anything on my finger, I kept going. Then I realised that my finger was sticky. As was the card. And my finger which had no sign of any injury was pouring with blood.

Mr Click chose that moment to ask why I was using the scissors instead of the aforementioned hole punch. He did very kindly also fetch me a plaster to patch myself up.

So kids, don't play with scissors!


  1. Ouch! Hope you had a lovely time away :)

    1. I'm almost back to new now. ;-)

      It was a great trip away.

  2. Sounds like you took lots of pictures. I'm looking forward to seeing them. I've done the same thing with scissors.

    1. I've got several Wales posts coming up over the next couple of weeks and I'll be sharing the photos for a lot longer. ;-)

      And scissors are dangerous implements!


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