Sunday, 1 January 2012

Project 365+1: Day 1 - A Family Heirloom

I attempted Project 365 officially a couple of years ago (and unofficially, i.e. trying to take a photo a day but not realising that other people did it too, the year before that) and failed miserably. This year I decided that I would try to actually do it, and learn how to use my camera in the process.

I did find a good list of prompts online as my main problem in past years has been keeping up momentum. Once I've taken a photo of my bookshelf, I don't really want to take another one. But hopefully I can use the prompts to motivate myself and find new ways of taking the same photos.

This is the result of Day 1:
A Family Heirloom
The cornet belongs to my husband and as soon as I saw the prompt 'A Family Heirloom' I knew what I wanted to take a photo of. He inherited it from his great-uncle (who you can see in the photo) and it's been in the family since it was made in 1898. Someday, hopefully, it'll be passed on to one of our children.

I would have liked to take a photo of all of Mr. Click's instruments lined up with the cornet out in front, but then I had the idea to include the photo of its previous owner and the case (also original, so over 100 years old). I did have a bit of trouble trying to find somewhere to take the picture and if I did it again I wouldn't take it so close to the window because it created that big white patch on the edge of the instrument.

Now my only problem is that I spent ages planning what I was going to take for my first photo, so I've not put too much thought into my second one. Perhaps I should take some photos of my course books, in the hopes it will inspire me to open them and shake off the post-Christmas funk so I can get the essay written that's due in next week.

You can follow my Project 365 progress here.

I've also started a Day Zero Project. The idea is to make a list of 101 things you want to do or achieve in 1001 days (roughly 2.75 years) and to keep track of your progress. I've been having great fun coming up with random things I'd like to do, I'm about halfway through now.

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