Sunday, 29 January 2012

Project 365+1 Days 22 - 28

Another busy week here, but I've been hoping to get some book review type posts written to break up the monotony of just weekly Project 365+1 posts.

It's actually been one of those busy weeks where looking back at these photos I've been kind of thinking "wait, when did I take that". I actually had to check the datestamps on them to check when I'd taken them!

Day 22: Spoils
On Sunday we had lunch with my in-laws as usual, so I just snapped a quick photo of all the things we'd picked up while shopping in Glasgow the day before. We've got the sewing books I treated myself to (one of my Day Zero Project plans is to make something for the house, I'm thinking of having a go at tackling a curtain for the spare room, which should be a relatively easy project), the Moriarty book which we picked up for Mr. Click, £10 worth of vest tops to wear under my work shirts (because flashing your colleagues is not cool), shaving stuff for Mr. Click's funky shaver, LOADS of tape (you can never have too much), my shiny new address book (that I'm still to get round to actually writing something in) and the bargain of the day - The Sound of Music and Moulin Rouge which were on a two blu-rays for £15 offer (but with my gift voucher worked out at £5 each)!

Day 23: It's Not Terry's...
On Monday (yeah, I said it's been one of those weeks, I actually had to check the calendar to make sure of the day) we watched something... I want to say Spooks... it might have been a film... and carried on working on the jigsaw puzzle on the coffee table. Of course, it had been a long day and we needed some energy food - so we cracked out the Terry's Chocolate Orange from the bottom of my Christmas Stocking.

It didn't last long! ;-)

Day 24: A Mouthpiece Or Two
Mr. Click had a band rehearsal on Tuesday and the minute that I walked in and saw these mouthpieces all lined up, I knew that it was going to be my photo of the day. Of course, I almost forgot to take it, but I was quite pleased with how it turned out. It doesn't actually mean anything, but I just like the way it looks.

Day 25: Still Puzzling
By Wednesday we were still working on the big puzzle that had taken over the living room table, so this photo sums up the evening quite well. In between reading The Road To Middle-earth (a book which I've had for ages and always thought would be heavy reading, but which is actually really linguistically-based and which I'm totally loving) we added pieces to the puzzle and got to yet another of those difficult bit where everything was either brown, black or red and the only way to progress was to try each piece anywhere it might fit.

The bottom book on the pile is one of the HTV book club books (chosen by Jen, who's also letting me borrow this copy, so I have to hurry up and finish The Road To Middle-earth so I can get it sent on to the next person due to read it). It arrived Wednesday lunch time and looks pretty good so it's next on my list to read.

Day 26: And They Lived Happily Ever After
This is actually a photo that I've almost taken (and have taken, but haven't used) several times during the course of this month for my Project 365+1. It was one of the first things we put up when we moved in. The photo is a Victorian style photo taken when we were on holiday in Whitby before we got married and the words hanging beneath it were given as a house warming present by some very good friends. There was already a hook on the wall which I was able to hang the words from, but I knew straight away that I wanted our photo to go above it.

Day 27: What's For Ye...
And this is another gift from the same friends who gave us '... and they lived happily ever after', this time a 'Happy New Year' present when they joined us for drinks after the new year. It's actually normally on our windowsill (we're waiting to see what it'll turn out to be, so far we've just got a green shoot). I just liked the idea of putting it next to the little sign hanging on the wall.

And finally, after having a bit of a mixed bag of a day on Saturday, we snuggled up on the sofa with some lovely omelettes (stuffed with giant mushrooms) and watched The Sound of Music (not putting it into the blu-ray player until well after 8pm, so it didn't finish until almost 12am)! While we watched, we ploughed on with the puzzle. We've been dipping into it on mornings before work, when we've finished our tea on an evening, waiting for one or the other, and so on. But it suddenly became clear that there was very little left to add to the puzzle and we were going to finish it that night.

So we did:
Day 28: A Thief In The Night
And that's what it looked like shortly before midnight (and so beating out the equally interesting photo of Mr. Click's coursework bag which had been the original photo that I was going to use for the day).

So that's yet another thing I can tick off on my Day Zero Project. So I think I'm getting through them at a fairly good rate. I've got plans for my knitted item (that I'm going to actually buy the wool for and knit with that project in mind), I'm still working on my hat/scarf/gloves set for myself, and reading about Tolkien writing Lord of the Rings is proving a real incentive to get my Behind The Scenes story finished (not that I have any plans to do anything with it, but I've been working on it in one form or another, on and off, for almost ten years now, Abby, Jack, Alex et al deserve some closure now)!

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  1. Ooh I spy Kim Newman's Moriarty book in the top photo ;)

    I'm still reading that, as they're short stories, I'm just dipping in and out in between books.

    Another lovely round up from you Cait :)


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