Monday, 2 January 2012

Project 365+1: Day 2 - Course work

Day 2:
Course work
I was fairly certain that the photo I took today would be of my OU stuff, mainly in the hopes that it would inspire me to actually do some of it because I have an assignment due in next week.

One of my wisdom teeth decided to celebrate the New Year by making the whole right side of my face ache, so I didn't have much luck getting off to sleep. It was 11pm when we turned off the light and I managed to still be awake at twelve. Of course, I probably should have gotten up and taken a painkiller, but I was being stubborn.

I did manage to drift off sometime after twelve, then woke suddenly just before 2am. It was weird, I went from having some random dream to being wide awake. I'm guessing the sound of the wind or the girls making a noise did it. Whatever it was, I was wide awake.

I lay trying to drift off for about an hour during which time I started planning the dreaded assignment. By 3am I realised that I had probably written the introduction to the essay three times and decided that I would be just as well getting up and working on it. Which I did, using the torch on my phone so I didn't have to put the light on.

By 5am I'd managed to locate some painkillers and had written approximately 1600 words of the assignment, including a particularly memorable section discussing the linguistically creative elements that can be found on a train ticket, hence its inclusion in the picture above. Suffice to say, my late night assignment writing seems to have done the trick and I have a passable first draft of my essay done now.

And I did get some sleep eventually, after spending two hours playing on my computer, I closed my eyes an hour before the alarm went off, was woken by the alarm so switched it off and then slept on for almost an hour and a half after that. Oops.

Oh well, at least today is a bank holiday.

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