Sunday, 15 January 2012

Project 365+1 Days 8 - 14

I've spent most of this week polishing up my assignment ready to submit (which I managed to do this morning *little celebration*). In between frantically looking up things I want to include in my assignment and trying to cut down my word count, I have managed to squeeze in the odd photo each day though.

Of course, I've not really done anything exciting this week - there hasn't even been a powercut to add a bit of interest to my photos, which means I've been reduced to taking photos such as this:
Day 8: A Good Night's Sleep
In my defense, this picture was actually taken to show what my nice new duvet cover (which my Uncle got me for Christmas) looks like. We also treated ourselves to a nice new mattress topper (well, if you're going to have a fancy new duvet cover, you might as well go all out and have something snuggly to sleep on as well). It's one of those funky memory foam things and there's already two little dips on either side of the bed with a little ridge in between them, definitely worth the money though, it's like sleeping on a new bed.

When there's little of general interest happening in your life, you can always fall back on that good old Project 365 standby, take photos of your food:
Day 9: Sweet and Sour
That's my very yummy tea from the 9th of January; ham and pork leftovers in sweet and sour sauce. Our dinner plates are massive and there was far too much there for me, I ended up sharing it with the rats. I've also just noticed that Father Christmas is still standing in front of the bookcase - he has finally made it back into the cupboard upstairs now.

As I said, I've been hard at work on my OU assignment, that looks something like this:
Day 10: All Work
Yeah, my method for study is basically to write the essay, fill in where the references will be used and then scribble all over it noting more bits that I need to include. Sometimes this is extended to crossing out large chunks of it to get it down to an actual submittable length.

And of course, you need to take a break from studying. Now that we've finished watching the Christmas films we've got back onto Spooks. We've only got one more episode of series six left to watch, so as a reward for submitting my assignment I've ordered the next two series.

The next day Mr. Click managed to find a treat for me in a local charity shop:
Day 11: A Discovery
After a quick bit of rearranging on my Tolkien bookshelf, it's slotted in quite nicely between my Tolkien biography and Inkheart. My bookshelf has been very carefully arranged so that each shelf has a different series of books on it. Top of the pile is the Discworld series of books that I'm currently working through. The Tolkien book and DVD set is going to have to wait a couple of weeks to get looked at, but it's got some lovely pictures in it.

By Day 12 I was starting to run out of things to take photos of, which does not bode well for the next three-hundred-odd days of pictures I'm supposed to be taking. So you can expect to see quite a few more pictures like this:
Day 12: Time for Tea
Each night Mr. Click gets our breakfast stuff set up in the kitchen, so in the morning he just needs to roll out of bed, flick a switch or two and come back to bed until things have finished boiling or beeping. You can probably guess that mine is the mug on the right, not pictured is the pack of croissants that we got for breakfast on Friday the 13th, they were very yummy.

And then there's the Day Zero Project that I'm working on. Point number 83 on the list is to knit myself a hat, gloves/mittens and scarf set for myself. I've already made the hat (in some lovely red and green wool), and I've got the fingerless gloves sorted (apart from sewing them up) so it's just the scarf left to do now, but I'm working on it:
Day 13: Work in Progress
Shortly before taking this picture I completely cocked up a whole row and had to unpick the whole thing, since taking this it's grown by another fifty-something rows and is just about long enough to wrap around my throat, so only another half a million or so rows to go. And then I've got to weave in the ends, something which I really avoid whenever I can. But I can't wait to have a matching set of woollens that I've made all by myself.

Another of my Day Zero Project challenges is for Mr. Click and I to complete a jigsaw puzzle together. On Saturday I had more or less completely my assignment and had come down with a fantastic cold, so I pretty much wanted to do nothing more than veg on the sofa. So we dug out a jigsaw puzzle I acquired at a fete in Inverary many years ago and set it up on the coffee table:
Day 14: It's a Puzzle
I thought it seemed like a fitting choice (partly because I now only own two jigsaw puzzles and I have actually completed the other one in the past), but also because it features a picture of Smaug from The Hobbit by Greg and Tim Hildebrant (who did most of the pictures in the book that Mr. Click bought me earlier in the week).

Of course, it's a rectangular puzzle which is slightly wider than our round coffee table, so we rigged up an extension with some Amazon packaging material blu-tacked onto the table. We did the classic thing, trying to find the edge pieces, of which we managed to miss several and we've still not managed to complete the outside because I think I put some bits together wrong. So we moved on to filling in the middle which is also difficult because it consists of mostly red, yellow and dark (dark brown, dark grey, black, just general darkness). I didn't realise it at the time that I put the challenge onto the list, but this could potentially be the most difficult challenge I assigned myself!

So that's my week in seven pictures. This week may actually be slightly more interesting, considering we have friends coming round one evening, we've got First Aid one night and I also have a couple of days training at work.

I might even find time to post an actual interesting blog post even!


  1. That photo of your meal has left me feeling rather hungry! Mmm looks delicious

    1. It was pretty fantastic, there would have been enough for four (if we hadn't been such piggies), hehe.


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