Monday, 25 June 2012

Five Things That Make Me Happy (Right Now)

Would you believe I've actually run out of book review posts to upload right now, that's not to say that I've read nothing since Mockingjay. I've still got to write up the post for the ebook I read after that, but then the next book book I read was a book tree one (and I'm saving those to avoid spoiling any friends who are involved with the book tree and might accidentally see something they wanted to avoid).

Thankfully I've got a whole host of 'list' posts I can upload, which should do to keep me going until I can get my act together and get the book reviews written (and read some more books that I can write about)!

So today it's Five Things That Make Me Happy (Right Now), I say 'right now' because I think it'll be interesting to revisit this later on and how things change.

1. My Husband
He's always there for me, makes me laugh and is just generally lovely. Plus he's the boss of the kitchen in our house (seriously, I've not done anything more complicated than putting ingredients in the bread machine for over a year now) and does helpful things like letting me lie in bed and read while he does the washing up.

2. My pets
I've always been a dog person and having Tara definitely makes me happy. Since getting her we've both started walking at least five miles a day. Sure, I had to get up at some ridiculous times of day, but she's great company and has a high entertainment value.

And then there's the girls. Our girls are over six months old now and are proper grown up lady rats. Not that this actually means anything to them of course, they're still utterly insane. They are quite interested in Tara, in fact Holly has made a game of posting paper shreddings out the cage for the dog to eat.

3. My work
The fact that I have a job makes me happy, the fact that I'm quite good at it makes me happier. Compared to my last job I feel as though I've got a bit more control over the way I work and what I do. I feel like I'm valued there and I like the people I work with too.

4. My friends
Both online and offline I have some great friends. In fact, mainly through work I've made quite a few new friends which is good. It's great to have people I can chat to or moan at or who I know will just listen to me (or tell me to shut up) when I need to.

5. My home
I posted the other day how much I love my home, and it's true. If definitely makes me happy (at least, until I realise that I still haven't gotten around to organising the spare bedroom yet). It's so nice to have a place of our own at last that some days I still can't believe it. It's so cosy and it's great being able to spend half the day vegging on the sofa in our pyjamas without feeling (too) guilty about it.

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