Sunday, 3 June 2012

Project 365+1: Days 148 - 154

This week has mostly been spent trying to negotiate iPhone contracts and get my final assignment for my OU course completed, so unfortunately, there's relatively little in the way of interesting photographs at the moment. I'm hoping that the weather will hold out for me tomorrow and Tuesday so I can take advantage of a couple of days off to get out with my camera to make up for the poor selection of pictures this week.

Day 148: BritishRedCross
Mr. Click and I started volunteering with the local Red Cross around a year ago and have been involved in a few events since then. Our first was at the Cowal Games in Dunoon and the most recent was just last week. There was a local event organised, the Rainbow Festival, and although due to my shifts that week and other general busy-ness we were only able to do a couple of hours on the Friday and Sunday, it felt really good to be involved.

Pictured above are my polo shirt, pass (which gets you in practically anywhere) and my hi-vis jacket. I've also got a giant beanie hat (which covers my whole head) and a lovely warm fleece (which I shall have to remind myself is only for Red Cross duties and not for wearing to walk the dog in the winter)!

Day 149: Gift Voucher
I managed to win myself a £20 gift voucher which I received on Monday. It came just in time because we were off to Glasgow on Wednesday so I immediately started plotting what I was going to put it towards. Capital Bonds vouchers are a really good idea, you can spend them all over the place, we generally go to HMV because we have a slight blu-ray/DVD addiction. Scroll on down to see what I spent it on.

Day 150: Type 2
Earlier in the week I complained to Mr. Click (which I should add is a fairly rare occurence) because we've had a fantastic heatwave and I've had nothing to wear. Most of my clothes are geared up for typical Scottish weather, i.e. wind and rain. I live in layers so I generally wear long-sleeved tops with shorter sleeve tops over the top, so when the sun comes out and the only t-shirts I have are black, I find my wardrobe a bit limited.

Mr. Click took it upon himself to solve this problem, and ordered me a lovely blue t-shirt (which fills my no-more-black-clothes requirements nicely). We have a bright orange campervan (which a big white roof) and I'm always hinting at the fact that I'd rather have a Type 2 (as though I actually know something about Volkswagon vans), so that's what he got me. It's even got a split screen, and it's my new favourite item of clothing.

Day 151: The Pacific
And that's what I spent my voucher on. We'd bought The Band of Brothers on blu-ray when we got married, I've seen it on DVD before but Mr. Click is yet to watch it. For just £10, plus my voucher, we picked up The Pacific in a matching tin. Both have now been bumped up the list of 'To Watch' series and we've decided to go for them after we've watched Tales of the Unexpected.

Other contenders were the X-Men films (in a funky blu-ray boxset) and Game of Thrones on blu-ray (which I very nearly went for). As we started watching The Pacific when it was originally on TV but never managed to finish it I'm quite glad we went for this, I'll just have to work extra hard to get some more vouchers towards the other sets we want.

Day 152: Logo-ed
Well, obviously, if I was going to have a Volkswagon t-shirt, then my husband needed one too. And this is the one he chose. I've given him very strict instructions that we're not to wear them both on the same day because we're not needing to be too matchy, hehe. He isn't normally shy, but he insisted on me not catching his face in this picture, I'll have to get one of him with a headshot later on.

Day 153: Dusty Shelves
This is a lovely shot of my dusty bookshelf. I swear, it's not normally this bad. If we notice it's just got a bit dusty we'll grab a duster and sort it, clearly, the second shelf down has been slightly neglected. Anyway, this has been my reading material for the week (or rather, for three days of this week because I pretty much sailed through it). This shows just how close I am to finishing reading the Discworld series of books (just have to get myself a copy of Snuff). Though if you look to the right hand side of the photo you can see I still have quite a bit of Pratchett-based material to keep me going on with.

Day 154: Early Night Nibbles
Yesterday we came out to my in-laws' house in the evening but Tara was restless and we decided to bring her back early to walk her, which of course meant that she had her last walk much earlier than she would normally do. Once we'd done all the last-thing-before-bed things like feeding the girlie!rats and emptying the washing machine, there wasn't much else left for it.

So we retreated to bed with books and a box of Celebrations (narrowly avoiding a marital discussion over who should be allowed to have a Teaser, ;-D). It kind of felt like a Sunday having had Friday off work, so it was a pleasant surprise when I realised that I didn't need to set the alarm (not that we ever really need to set an alarm, Tara takes care of that for us).

Now my target for the week is to actually take some decent photos of actual things, especially if we have some nice weather. I'm planning some wanders around the grounds with my camera because there are some wonderfully striking yellow and purple flowers which I need to catch before they go over. If I don't have photos of them up by next Sunday, you have my permission to nag!

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