Friday, 22 June 2012

20 facts about me

Ever on the hunt for inspiration I decided to check out some prompt ideas for when I wanted to post but didn't know what to write about. And as I'm pretty much caught up with my book reviews I figured now was a good time for twenty facts about me.

1. I rarely wear matching socks. Usually if my socks do match it's complete chance because I've just happened to grab two matching one out my drawer.

2. Despite living in Scotland for almost half of my life, my accent remains stubbornly West Country English. This makes me a little bit sad.

3. When I was twelve I went to America to stay with family for Christmas and New Year. I travelled over there by myself and thought being a unaccompanied minor was the coolest thing in the world.

4. You may not have noticed, but I quite like reading. For the last couple of years I've kept a record of the books I read, either in a spreadsheet or a book journal. Last year I read 145 books; the most I read in one month was 33. I try to read fewer books now.

5. I don't really have a favourite band or singer, I listen to loads of different types of music but favourites are the songs that tell some sort of story.

6. I once managed to drive four and a half inches of wood into my leg while teaching a maths lesson. For a long time I had an exclamation mark scar on my leg from where it was removed but it's faded away a lot now.

7. I've not had my hair cut since a few days before I got married, it's seriously in need of a trim now.

8. I have no problem talking online, by text or email, but I'm not a huge fan of talking on the phone. Ironically most of my job involves doing this and I actually quite enjoy it.

9. I visited Russia when I was 18 and stayed with a family there as part of a school exchange trip. I loved it and would love to go back again some day.

10. I have helped out on a farm during lambing season in the past. I learnt how to deliver lambs and even got to the stage where I was able to do it by myself. I also was given the responsibility for feeding orphaned lambs, looking after over a dozen in total!

11. One day I'd really like to visit New Zealand. My husband has family there so one day I think we should offer our services as babysitters.

12. I'm more of a quiet night in person than a big night out one. I like snuggling up with a good book or film and my family far more than going out partying.

13. I'm really not particularly confident. I'm quite a shy sort of person. I enjoy watching other people having a good time but have to kind of psych myself up to actually joining in.

14. I hate wearing shoes and if I could get away with it would happily go around barefoot all the time.

15. I'm not really into fashion but have a thing for bags, hats and shoes which is kind of silly because I stick with one bag until it falls apart, don't suit most hats and live in trainers when I have to wear shoes.

16. I am incapable of napping. Even when I'm feeling totally exhausted I struggle to take a nap. In the last year I've managed to lie on the bed in a state of semi-doze once, I usually end up feeling more tired afterwards and then not able to sleep at night, so I normally don't bother anyway now.

17. I've recently become a bit of a news junkie. I'll happily sit and watch all the news channels and almost every day I'll try and read all the latest articles on the BBC news site. Plus I have the Sky and BBC apps on my phone. I'm not sure how much I actually take in though!

18. I'm a bit of a morning person. I like the peace and quiet first thing in the morning when you can have some time to yourself. I like late nights too for the same reason; unfortunately the two together are not really compatible!

19. I used to collect butterflies. I still hunt out jewellery & clothes with butterflies on. When I started I thought they were just pretty, now I feel like they represent change and the ability to turn yourself into something new (and wonderful).

20. It's taken me a week to come up with twenty facts about myself! I've been writing this post in my breaks and at other odd moments and I found it really hard. I also think I've spoken about my feet too much, don't read too much into that guys.


  1. Haha odd socks!
    I love blog posts like this :)
    I agree with you on 8 and I'm utterly envious of you on 9.
    I seem to recall htv videos a while back, you're accent does have a slight Scottish twang to me

    1. I always used to like doing the surveys where sites ask you a bunch of random questions so this seemed list a fun post to write. Harder than I thought because I was trying to come up with things that I've not mentioned here before.

      Russia is a fantastic place. We went to St. Petersburg (Moscow was on the cards for a visit but it was around the time they had subway bombings there and it caused problems with the insurance). Definitely benefited from staying with families there but it was shocking the gap between the wealthy and poorer families. Brilliant experience though.

      Sometimes when I'm at work people comment on my accent, I think there's certain words which I say with Scottish pronunciation (words like 'our' and 'your') but others I sound really West Country (like 'there' and 'idea'). Hehe.


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