Sunday, 24 June 2012

Project 365+1: Days 169 - 175

I started out this week taking advantage of the fact that I'm able to take photos on my camera, so I can take pictures for the blog post I'm writing, and whack them straight into the post, rather than having to hold on until the end of the week when I do my 365+1 post. So, you may have already seen some of these photos.

Day 169: Curly Kale Tree
We took Tara for a walk on Sunday night and passed by this tree. It's right next to the gate that I've photographed previously on this walk. The leaves are this spectacular red colour and there's a mini version across the road from it as well. This prompted a discussion of how the leaves looked like seaweed and/or curly kale. Took this photo on my phone and fiddled with it a little and then vowed that I would take more photos with my proper camera this week.

A resolution which clearly failed...

Day 170: Odd Socks
This one was taken on Monday morning, purely for use in my '20 Facts' blog post. I have taken many photos this year of my socks, but this is actually the first that has made it onto the internet for my photo project (which I suppose means that most of the time I do actually find something more interesting than my feet to photograph). It is a true fact though, most of my socks don't match.

The two pictured above are actually almost knee-high and have Disney's Winnie the Pooh characters on them, Tigger I think. Mr. Click got them for me for Christmas and I have to admit, the grey and purple stripey ones are probably my favourites.

Day 171: Train Station
On Tuesday we had my hospital appointment in Glasgow, something I will probably blog about in the future. We left early so that we could go dress shopping for the perfect outfit for my Thursday night out, but not so early that we were snarled up in all the busy morning traffic on the trains.

This is our nearest train station, that is, the one which the ferry takes you to. I love the architecture there and decided that with the blue skies outside I had to take a photo of the ceiling. I used to pass through here twice a day on the way to and from university so I'm very familiar with this place, but I still think it's lovely.

Day 172: Now For Some Cute
And then I remembered I had a big fancy expensive camera that I could be using instead of the one in my phone!

This is Tara at bedtime, notice that her ears are a little bit wet. This is because we take her for her last walk around seven/eight o'clock in the evening and then have showers to freshen up. The daft dog likes to cool down by lying right next to the bath so the shower splashes her or we drip on her when we get out. She loves it though, sometimes she'll lean over the side of the bath licking at the spray from the shower. She'll also happily lick your feet if she thinks you're taking too long to dry them. Kind of gross, but really cute!

Day 173: Welcome To Your Hotel Room
And this was my room for the night on Thursday. Seriously, as soon as I got in through the door (after I'd investigated the bathroom) I went straight to taking a photo. Just to the right of this picture is a desk with an iMac on it and the comfiest computer/desk chair I've ever sat in.

The bed was ridiculously high, practically up to my hip; I had to sort of boost myself up there (which, let me tell you, is no mean feat after dancing half the night in high heels). I tossed two of the pillows onto the chair come bedtime, settled in and then decided I wanted them back and made a sort of nest up there. It was so comfy, I just took over the whole of the middle of the bed until eight in the morning, but probably could have slept on until about... oh, I don't know, lunchtime!

Day 174: Aftermath
This is basically what the bed looked like after I upended my bag onto it. Seen in the middle there is the flag from my table... I'm not entirely sure we were supposed to take them, but we'd already procured a Canadian and Greek flag so I figured we might as well go for the full set. My New Zealand flag is now propped up in the bedroom window. All the other stuff has more or less found its way home now, luckily unpacking did not take as long as packing to go!

Day 175: Lightweight
And this is me getting ready for bed on Saturday night, note the time. I don't think I'm fully recovered from Thursday night/Friday morning yet. Considering the fact that on Thursday I was up at just before five and didn't go to sleep until two the following morning, I think I'm a little bit justified at going to bed ridiculously early.

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