Sunday, 10 June 2012

Project 365+1: Days 155 - 161

I had big plans for my photos this week, but that kind of went out the window. Having a long weekend and not actually having any work to work on did not really help. You'd think that having an assignment to work on would hinder the taking of photographs but it actually really helps. When you've got something else much more important to be working on, suddenly everything else looks incredibly attractive, from doing housework to running around with your camera!
Day 155: Another Day, Another Book
So some of that time was spent reading. You've probably noticed, I take a lot of book photos, mainly because I like to use the photos in my book reviews rather than having to hunt online for pictures of covers that look the same as mine. I'll have a review up for this one in a little while, but in the meantime, I really enjoyed Bones to Ashes. It's the first Kathy Reichs book in a while that I've not read before, so I really fired through it. Not quite a book a day, but pretty close!

Day 156: Wilderness
When we moved in last year, the garden was getting in need of weeding, so we spent several hours pulling up errant clumps of grass and other green, leafy things. Our garden is gravel but that doesn't stop the plants and the recent weather only seems to have encouraged them. It suddenly hit me at the weekend when I realised just how bad it was getting, so while Mr Click was cleaning out the rattie!girls, Tara and I weeded the garden.

Tara didn't really understand the concept of weeding. First she ran off with one glove, when I coaxed her back she stole the other one, then as fast as I was putting bits of plant into the bin bag she was pinching them and running off with them. I was also kneeling on a plastic bag and when I left her alone with that, she took off with it and shredded the thing. Thankfully chasing her round the garden tired her out and she flopped down and just relaxed for the rest of the time we were out there.

Day 157: This Is What Revision Looks Like
This is what our coffee table has looked like for the last week. Mr Click has an exam this week so he's been reading up on his course and revising with past papers and things. It's a music course so it's all a bit beyond me; my role has largely been nodding and making encouraging sounds whenever he starts talking about it, and keeping Tara out of his way whenever I can so he can revise without a big black lab trying to steal his pencil.

Day 158: Time For Bed
I'm getting quite the collection of these pictures. What I'm actually trying to get is a photo of her chewing on her dentastix, but as I have to crouch down in the corner between the wardrobe and wall to take a photo of her on the bed, they never come out. So instead I end up calling and clicking at her to try and get a picture of her looking cute, which let's face it, isn't exactly difficult.

Day 159: A Little Literature
Last year I started getting copies of the books I would need for my next OU course, in studying literature. I wanted to get a head start on reading as much of the material as possible before I actually started the course, and since then I've been slowly working through the list of required reading (on and off). The latest I've gotten round to is Dubliners by James Joyce, which I sailed through and really enjoyed, which quite surprised me. I can't say why exactly, but I've been putting off because I wasn't expecting it to be my kind of thing. Dare I say it, but I'm quite looking forward to studying it a bit closer now.

Day 160: Old Phone, New Phone
My iPhone finally arrived. The trouble we had getting it is another blog post entirely! But suffice to say it's here, it doesn't fit in the pockets of any of my jeans, but it connects to the internet at home and even gets a phone signal when I'm sat in my chair, a definite improvement. So I'm happy.

Plus it has a camera in it... not a brilliant camera, but it means I can take photos like this:
Day 161: Dream A Little Dream
That's Tara, asleep yesterday afternoon, with her tongue poking out. I've never seen her sleep like that before, but you have to admit, it's cute. I'd love to know what she was dreaming about.

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