Saturday, 8 December 2012

Book 79 of 2012: The Lifting Dress

Earlier in the year my friend Jen sent me a selection of poetry books for our 'mini poetry tree' where we share some of out favourite poetry. The Lifting Dress is the second of these books that she has sent me. I was interested in this book based on the write up on the back but I think I maybe need to revisit it again to fully appreciate it. I thought that I would like it more than I did.

I love the idea of poetry collections which share a linked theme; this one features a girl who has been abused and deals with the aftermath of this, it also looks at relationships and cancer as well. I really liked how this collection gradually built up to tell the story of what happened to the girl, you gradually learn more and more about her and how it affected her.

It actually reminded me of St. Lucy's Home For Girls Raised By Wolves, mainly because they seem to be set in the same sort of place. I think that's a good example of how strong the poems were, that they could give such a strong sense of the place they were taking place. I really liked that.

I had lots of favourite bits of poems in this book but my very favourite poem was 'Jealous of the Young: Conspiracy Theory Involving Small Flowers'. "The man with eight fingers introduced himself to me / at the Christmas party where nervous champagne cocktails were served. // The man with eight fingers invaded me / at the Christmas party where nervous champagne cocktails were served. / Scientist, these are not similar events." It's a powerful poem because it's so simple but the language is clever and it really stuck with me.

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