Saturday, 1 December 2012

Christmas Countdown: Holidays Are Coming

I may have mentioned, just once or twice, that I love Christmas. So I thought I'd share a few of my favourite Christmassy songs.

So kicking off is the Coca Cola song, Holidays Are Coming.

It's not really a proper Christmas song as such, but I always get a little burst of excitement when I first see the Coca Cola advert on TV (though I'm more of a lemonade person myself). I realise it probably says something about the commercialism of Christmas, but if we ignore the fact that it's basically an advert for a soft drink, the idea that Christmas is just around the corner just sets me buzzing. I love the build up to Christmas as much as anything and this song sums that up for me. :-D

It's also got good memories for me because when I was twelve I spent Christmas in America with my Uncle and got to visit Coca Cola World in Atlanta. So perhaps that's why it's got a little added Christmas boost for me, I can't hear it without thinking of how magical everything seemed.

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