Sunday, 9 December 2012

Christmas Countdown: Do They Know It's Christmas

As far as I'm concerned there's only one version of Do They Know It's Christmas, while I'm sure the later versions have helped to raise awareness and money, they didn't have a chance of having the same sort of impact as the original did in 1984.

It was released two years before I was born, so it was a song that I've really known of for as long as I can remember, but I didn't really learn much about it until I was at secondary school. It was in English (of all subjects) that I learnt about it when we studied a book which had extracts from biographies and autobiographies from a range of people, one of whom was Bob Geldof. We listed to the song, learnt about what prompted it and what happened afterwards. It's a fascinating story.


  1. 2 years before you were born. Ta for making me feel old ;P
    We had (still have in fact) it as a vinyl single. Brilliant song and for a very good cause. There was a great documentary about the making of it on TV a few years ago

    1. Sorry about that. ;-p

      I remember there was a drama that the BBC did a few years ago as well which I really enjoyed. I'd love to see it again actually. I don't know how true to life it really was but I loved seeing how they just managed to bring it all together.

      The song is great, but so is the story behind how it all happened. I can't imagine it ever happening in the same way again.

    2. Oh yes, 'When Harvey Met Bob' that was very good wasn't it? On 2 a couple of Xmasess ago

    3. Oh, yeah, that's the one. It was really good. Well remembered!

    4. I can't take the credit for a brilliant memory; I taped it onto DVD and came across it only last week!


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