Friday, 7 December 2012

Christmas Countdown: Stowaway (& Abigail's Song)

A major part of Christmas is the Doctor Who Christmas special. I make a point to watch it each year, it's usually a family activity, everyone sat full of Christmas goodies watching the Doctor save the world for yet another year.

Another favourite Christmas song originated in one of these Christmas episodes, it's cleverly written to sort of tell the story of what was going on with the Doctor at that point in the series, which was a bit nifty.

It's ridiculously catchy and good for dancing round the kitchen to when you're washing up... or that might just be me.
Another lovely Doctor Who song, which isn't really particularly Christmassy, but featured in another Christmas episode deserves an honourable mention. It's Abigail's Song from the Christmas Carol episode just two years ago, it feels like a traditional sort of Christmas carol, which I suppose is to be expected from a singer like Katherine Jenkins.

According to the Doctor Who Confidential episode Murray Gold kind of wrote it in just a few hours because he kept on putting it off and putting it off until it just had to be done. It's beautiful despite the rush it was apparently written in.

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