Monday, 11 February 2013

A To Z Challenge

On Twitter last week I spotted a fellow OU student posting about something called the A to Z Challenge. I'm not sure what made me click through to the link she'd posted, but after reading about it I thought sounded like a good idea to help me with my goal of posting a blog post every day.

I signed up almost straight away, well, not straight away, I opened my page on my phone, got frustrated with trying to read it there, borrowed my mum-in-law's computer and then signed up, but it was fairly soon after learning about it. At the time I thought I'd just post more of the same. I've been trying to get into a routine with book reviews, Project 52 posts and stuff for my Day Zero Project so I though that would help catch me up and inspire me.

Then last week I was sitting at work, in my lunch break, writing a blog post about trying for a baby and it struck me, why not do the whole challenge about infertility?

I never meant for this to become an infertility blog, when I picked the name 'Click's Clan' I thought it would be a good name for talking about all my family; pets, myself and anyone else who happened to come along. I kind of like reading 'mommy blogs' where mums post photos and stories and things they've been up to with their offspring and I wanted to do that myself.

But since finding out that I'm going to need IVF that's kind of become an important part of who I am; I've got something that causes infertility which means my journey to have a family is taking a slightly different route from lots of people. And I've been wanting to say more about it in my blog, but haven't really known what to say.

I'm thinking using this for my A To Z Challenge my be a good way to say some of the things I've wanted to in the past, show what it's like to be waiting for so long to start a family and hopefully show some other people out there that they're not alone, because believe me, it feels that way at times.

So I've been frantically planning things I can write about which will cover each letter of the alphabet. I've managed to gett something to say for each letter of the alphabet bar four and I've got until the beginning of April before I need to start actually posting. I think it'll be fun.


  1. Hello. Just thought I'd stop by to wish you luck with this challenge :)

    1. Hi, I'm just getting caught up on my comments. It's all well underway now, hope you're enjoying it too.

      I'm just adding your blog now. :-)


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