Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Day Zero Project: Read 52 Books

I kind of set this one as an easy challenge. The year before I read 145 books, so I knew it was highly likely of manage to read 52 (though in my defence, in 2011 I was unemployed for a month so read 33 books alone then). I was originally going to put 75 but decided on fifty because I thought that was a more realistic target; one book a week.

I managed to clock 107 so it was a done deal from about halfway through the year. I have slowed down somewhat over the last few years but I think I probably could've aimed a little higher, maybe 75 books in a year. I think that I might make that an unofficial target for this year, though I only managed three books (plus most of The Idiot) in January, so maybe I'm not being very realistic there.

This year I'm taking part in a couple of reading challenges, one of which you set a personal reading target for the number of first-time reads you intend to get through. I've set a target of reading 50 new books this year. I think this might be a better target to work towards because I have a habit of revisiting old familiar books when I could be reading new ones.

I think so far it's stretched me a wee bit, but when I was writing up my To Read list the other day, I've realised there are quite a few that I've read before. Though I suppose it does make a good excuse to buy more books...


  1. My target for this year is only 24, it's amazing that you can read so many. I think I'm quite a slow reader but the set texts for A230 are upping my tally.
    Good luck with the reading challenge.

    1. It's good A230 is helping you read more, for me it's sort of slowing me down because I've read several of them before, hehe, so they're not counting towards my new challenge.

    2. Good luck with your target by the way, silly phone ate the last bit of my reply. :-)


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