Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Project 52: Week 5 - Tradition

I actually got confused about the challenge for this week and jumped ahead two weeks in the beginning, which means I have some really good ideas for when the theme is baking but I was a little bit rushed when it came to thinking of a photo for tradition.

My initial plan was to take a photo of a family tree or perhaps Mr Click's instruments because those are both things that instantly spring to mind when I think of 'tradition'. But things didn't really work out for me to actually take a photo of one of those things. I also took a few photos of my bookcase because I have a tradition of reading the Lord of the Rings books each year, but I've taken loads of photos of my books and things so I wanted something a little different.

Week 5: Tradition
In the end I decided to go for a photo of a photo (mainly because I couldn't get a decent photo of my engagement and wedding rings because I've got gross excema all over my hands). This is a framed photo which was given to us by one of the witnesses at our wedding alongside a wedding gift from our drama group.

Getting married is one of those traditional things to do, though ours was a fairly non-traditional wedding. We had a small ceremony, just family and a couple of close friends on Christmas Eve. I wore a dress I got for a Christmas dance when I was seventeen (and it fitted me better in my twenties than in my teens). We had a buffet lunch for a reception on the day and then the drama group organised a meal and party for us (including cake) later on. We also ended up spending very little and thanks to a dowry, which can be applied for providing the bride lives on the island and the wedding takes place in December, we actually ended up with more money afterwards than we spent on it - funds which got us set up in our new home two years later.

Considering our wedding was totally non-traditional, it was exactly what we wanted and I remember the day fondly (and things have just gone on getting better and better since then). It's funny because although I was certain when I was younger that I'd never get married, it was the perfect day for us. And in hindsight, it was more traditional than I thought at the time. There was a pretty dress, people in suits, we exchanged rings and used the traditional marriage vows, there was a party (or two) and cake. Turns out I might be a bit of a traditionalist after all.

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